Tips on How to Get Sponsored Post or Adverts Request on Your Blog

Sponsored post or ads is one of the ways of making money on your website. It is important to have a plan for accepting sponsored posts or ads on your website

We cannot stress enough that making money online is one of the important reasons for running a website blog. Getting a sponsored post or Adverts request is just one of the ways you can start earning reasonable revenue online. You can check this article for the various ways you can make money on your website/blog.

Getting straight to business, getting sponsored posts or adverts request on your website can sustainably earn the owner some revenue for a long period of time. Irrespective of the website niche, it is always possible to get sponsored post requests, you just have to follow some simple guidelines.:

Before we proceed on how you can get sponsored posts or ads for your website, we need to do a simple comparison between sponsored posts and ads.

Sponsored Posts are articles requested to be placed on your website at a premium for a particular period of time whereas Sponsored Ads are banners or codes that display information about products of other companies requested to be placed on your website at a premium over a particular period of time.

When you are running a website, even if it is your passion to do so, you will be running at a cost, and in order to cover the cost, you need to find a way to monetize. Allowing for sponsored posts or ads is not a bad way to start.

How to Get Sponsored Posts or Ads Request

  • Concentrate Your Blog to a Particular Niche:

We have always reiterated how important it is to concentrate your blog on a particular niche. It could be a business blog, sports,  marketing, photography, etc, it is much easier for niche-specific companies to find your blog online

  • Let Your Blog be Article-Centric:

You need to write a lot of meaningful articles on your blog website to be able to attract Sponsored Posts and Investors

  • Optimize for SEO: 

It is important that your website is well optimized for SEO, if you use WordPress CMS for your website, there are a number of plugins and tools for recommendation to serve this purpose. You can use the Premium version of the Yoast plugin

  • Promote Your Website for Traffic:

One of the things advertisers look out for is the number of monthly visitors your website attracts. You need to consistently drive massive traffic to your website using digital marketing or sponsored social media.

  • Develop a Sponsored Post Media Kit:

The media kit invites companies to place sponsored posts or ads on your website/blog stating the terms and prices to allow them to place sponsored ads on your blog. This will reflect your pricing policy and rates for different packages of Sponsored ads on your blog.

Depending on your website niche, offers could come from different angles. If your website is for reviewing products, you will get paid for positively reviewing the company’s a product/service. If it is a sports bet service you offer, sports betting companies will approach you to advertise for them


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