Step to Link Your Instagram Account with Business Facebook Page

The Step to Link Your Instagram Account with Business Facebook Page is very easy and straightforward and ease content sharing on both apps.

It is common knowledge that Facebook acquired and owns Instagram alongside some other apps such as Whatsapp and this has made synchronization between them possible. Businesses today operate on almost all social media apps as each specializes in different media publishing.

While Facebook is good for content and memory sharing, Instagram is majorly for sharing multimedia content such as images and videos. Although, nowadays majority of the apps have similar features, they still serve different purposes and varied sets of audiences.

Because each app has its own unique sets of audiences, linking your Instagram Account with your Facebook Business Page allows for uniform content sharing across all business platforms. This saves time having to login into each app to post content at a different time.

Below are steps to link your Instagram Account with your Facebook Business Page:

  • Goto your Facebook Business Page
  • Click on Settings from the menu on the left-hand side
  • Scroll down and click on Instagram – It displays the Connect to Instagram option on the instruction scree just by the right
  • Click on Connect Account – It pops up a window dialog for you to log in your Instagram account
  • Click Continue a couple of times through the steps
  • After successful login, your account is linked

Next time you try uploading a content on Instagram, it pops up an option for you to also share on your Facebook page


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