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Starting a Plantain Farming Business in Nigeria

It can be hard to start your own plantain farming business in Nigeria, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t doable. In fact, if you have the right guidance, you can open up any type of business, no matter what your background or credentials are like.

You just have to have the right information, and this comprehensive guide on how to start a plantain farming business in Nigeria will give you everything you need

The Cost to start Plantain Farming Business in Nigeria

Before you begin any farming or agribusiness, you must estimate and know how much it will cost. The same is true for plantain farming; there is a specific amount of money and resources required to get started.

Then, how much money and resources would you require to get started?

The cost of developing a plantain farm is determined by various criteria, including the availability of acres or plots of land, the minimum number of suckers (500 to 1000), the labor force to be used, and its care. Let us examine each component separately to gain a better understanding and perspective on it.

1. Acre or plots of land

For an acre, it may have 6-8 plots depending on size and measurement in square kilometers.

So if you own an acre or two three plots, you’re set to go; if not, you’ll need to hire one, which will cost you some money depending on where you live; if you want to farm for a long time, it’s best to buy your own property.

2. Minimum plantain suckers

The minimum number of plantain suckers you should start with is 500, therefore pick a hybrid sucker that is more nutritious. Each sucker now costs between N250 and N300, though prices may fluctuate depending on region.

3. Plantain cultivation and maintenance will require a labor force.

The amount of money to spend on labor for cultivating a plot or an acre of plantain may vary based on location, as you may spend around N40,000 cultivating a plot and more in an acre.

Its care will focus on the use of pesticides to protect it from insect and fungi assault since if you merely prevent those attacks, they will harm your plantains once they reach your plantain farm.

Use fertilizer to promote growth, and irrigation systems to hydrate it if your farmland is located in northern Nigeria, as it requires a lot of water, such as mangrove or swamp regions.

Preparing Soil for Plantains

Perform water and soil testing to learn more about the fertility of the soil. To prevent planting plantain suckers on infertile soil, the soil should be at an appropriate pH and rich in nitrogen.

Before planting plantain on any farmland, trees, stumps, and other vegetation must be cleaned, and then organic manure must be used because plantain requires a lot of organic manure.

In some cases, wide beds must be harrowed, plowed, or prepared. As a result, when preparing the soil for planting, ensure that the correct soil is cleaned and that it is ready for planting plantain.



Planting Plantain Seeds

Plantain trees are attractive when they develop, but to get to that level, clear soil and a good estimate of plantain farming costs are required, as mentioned at the beginning of this article. Plantain trees and plants grow in settings that are warm, mulched, and damp.

Plantains grow in southern Nigeria due to the warm environment and high annual rainfall. Due to the hot heat and low yearly rainfall in Northern Nigeria, plantain farming will only grow with irrigation or drip irrigation.

Plantain seeds are being planted and will germinate in 14 days. Fertile soil and a warm, damp farm are required to start a plantain tree, plant, or seeds.

How Many Plantain Suckers to Grow on an Acre

If you have an acre of land and are unsure how many plantains will be contained in it, remember that each acre of land can contain between 750 and 1200 plantains depending on the farming space or dimension used.

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What is the Plantain Planting Spacing?

According to many plantain farmers, it grows well in loamy soil and when planting a 4 to 6 feet deep inside the land and 3 gaps should be applied because it gives it more balance on the soil, and spacing between each should be 3m x 2m or 2.5m x 2.5m, which literally means that in two rows there should be a 3m difference while in a row there should be a 2m difference.

How Do You Fertilize a Plantain Farm?

A plantain farm cannot be built successfully without the application of fertilizer, hence fertilizer application is necessary.

Many plantain farmers have stated that fertilizer should be applied 3m away from the raised plantain; do not apply it straight to the root as this may badly damage it; instead, apply it during the rainy season and it will gradually drill into the plant.

Apply fertilizer once during its growth cycle, which normally begins one month after the plantain is put in the soil. Knowing how to apply fertilizer is an important step in starting a plantain-growing business.

What Is the Best Plantain Fertilizer?

After investing in planting, the best fertilizer is the next thing to consider when starting a plantain farm.

Relax, the best fertilizer to use is one that contains a high concentration of phosphorus, nitrogen, and NPk, thus PNK is a good choice for this purpose.

How Long it takes to Harvest Plantain

After planting plantain on farmland, the next consideration is how long it will take to harvest.

It takes a year and a month to harvest since plantains take 3 months to mature and 8 months to be ripe for production.

Because this is the greatest way to harvest plantain, most of it is harvested before it has ripened.

Plantains flower for 3 to 4 months and continue to produce fruits all year.

A Beginner’s Plantain Marketing Strategy

After your farm plantains begin to generate fruits, you should begin consultation for marketing. You can promote to hotels, restaurants, the food sector, and other areas where plantains are eaten.

Don’t sell your plantains locally because you might not make as much money as you thought; instead, focus on marketing strategy after you’ve established your farm.


The plantain farming business can be profitable if done correctly. It necessitates a decent start and estimation by adhering to tried and tested procedures.

After reading about the ideas for starting a plantain farm here, I recommend that you identify a plantain farm in your neighborhood and speak with the farmer because hearing from individuals in the farming business will be really beneficial. I hope you’ve gotten the notion to start a plantain farm.


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