Cooking Gas Business in Nigeria

Requirements to Start Cooking Gas Business in Nigeria

Because more Nigerians are embracing the notion of utilizing gas cookers and abandoning every other traditional way, the cooking gas business in Nigeria is becoming quite profitable.

Thankfully, most Nigerians now use cooking gas for a variety of cooking needs. This is also advantageous because it will drastically lessen the issues associated with deforestation and protect our natural woods.

Aside from the environmental benefit, the large increase in the number of people utilizing cooking gas in metropolitan areas has also contributed to the development of a favorable business environment for aspiring entrepreneurs.

They can now enter the market for cooking gas business in Nigeria as a result. Depending on the choice and the available funds, the cooking gas firm may additionally install cooking gas equipment.

Guess what? The cooking gas industry is incredibly lucrative and profitable. Starting  cooking gas business in Nigeria does not require you to rob a bank to launch it. You can get by with roughly N300,000 in cash.

The demand for cooking gas is now high in Nigeria because it is less expensive than using kerosene to cook. Gas cooking is also quicker, and it relieves the tension that comes with spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

Personally, I enjoy cooking quickly. Because there is such a tremendous need for cooking gas right now, anyone who enters the cooking gas industry is guaranteed to be successful.

The term “cooking gas” is also used for LPG (LPG). The production of petroleum and other petroleum products in Nigeria is mostly accounted for by the country’s numerous oil-producing states.

As a result, Nigeria has distinguished itself as a significant global producer of crude oil. It is also wonderful that refineries have been set up to transform crude oil into different petroleum products, LPG being one of them as it is a crucial cooking gas in the nation.

It will be crucial for anyone considering entering this industry in Nigeria to understand the value of petroleum products. Once you understand this, you will be a few steps closer to success.

However, if you lack the necessary understanding about how to approach the process of launching a cooking gas business in Nigeria, this article will undoubtedly be very helpful to you.

Starting a Cooking Gas Business in Nigeria – The Requirements

I am confident that the following step-by-step instructions on how to launch a cooking gas business in Nigeria will give you the strength you need to succeed financially.

Obtain the Necessary Education and Training.
It cannot be overstated how important it is to take the time to learn the skills required in any career. It is never a waste of time to learn what is required.

You must get the appropriate expertise before starting a cooking gas business because there are risks involved.

Before moving forward to start your cooking gas business, there are many safety precautions you should study and master.

Find a Suitable Site to Launch your Cooking Gas Business.

This is the very next step after acquiring the necessary knowledge. It is impossible to overstate the importance of purchasing land if you want to launch a large-scale cooking gas business.

The Department of Petrol Resources’ (DPR) main requirement is that the gas plant’s land site be at least 15 meters away from structures that house flammable materials.

The DPR further stipulates that the land cannot be located adjacent to residences, gas stations, or other structures of similar nature. You will be deemed qualified to proceed with your business once all of these conditions have been satisfied.

Access to Capital
Starting a cooking gas business requires funds, just like starting any other type of business. On a large scale, you’ll want capital between 10 and N15m .

It’s crucial to remember that your capital must include all of the supplies required to launch your cooking gas business in order for the DPR to access them and issue you a license, allowing you to open for business.

Here’s a list of the required materials:

  • Mechanic scale
  • Testing pool
  • Electronic scale
  • Electronic carousel
  • Valve screw

The Department of Petroleum Resources Issuing a License (DPR)

Everything must be in place before the DPR can grant you a license, especially if your firm is substantial. Once this is done, you should contact the DPR to obtain a copy of the terms and conditions under which the DPR license is granted.

If you decide against going in person, you could also access the necessary information from their website.

A police report, fire planning approval, state land and physical planning permit, and town planning permit are all prerequisites before you can obtain the DPR License to launch your cooking gas business in Nigeria.

Registration and Insurance of Your Cooking Gas Business

You must register your cooking gas business with the Corporate Affairs Commission f Nigeria in order to conduct your enterprise successfully on a broad scale.

Your company will be recognized as legitimate with this CAC registration, so you won’t have to worry about running afoul of the law.

Due to the considerable danger involved, it is also advised to seek insurance for your cooking gas business in Nigeria. Purchasing business insurance will be extremely beneficial in the event of any unanticipated occurrences.o

Promote your Cooking Gas Business.

Now that every other process has been followed correctly, it’s time to promote your cooking gas company through all of the media outlets you can think of.

Simply select the platform and channel that are most effective for you.

Risks Associated with the Cooking Gas Business
The cooking gas industry is dangerous in the same manner that all other businesses are. Due to the inflammability of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), fire explosion is the risk that is most frequently connected with the cooking gas industry.

The good news is that since cylinder leaks are the primary source of fire outbreaks and explosions, this incident can be easily prevented if you’re vigilant enough to find them in time.

The risk of government regulation is another. Do you believe that if the market raises the price of LPG right now, customers would find it a little challenging and difficult? Because not all customers are created equal, some may need to return to utilizing kerosene and firewood. the answer is yes. Additionally, your sales will undoubtedly go off suddenly.

You should always be on guard now that you are so aware of the dangers.


You may establish a cooking gas business in Nigeria and earn a ton of money by following all the procedures I painstakingly put together.

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