How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads for Traffic

Facebook ads campaign has different objectives depending on what you are looking to achieve as we have discussed in our last article, how to run an ads campaign on Facebook. However, we will be touching base on the Traffic objective, we will let you understand the rules and how you can get the best out of your traffic campaign on Facebook.

At times, you might need to run a traffic campaign to your website for different reasons. You might be looking to get ads sales both conventional and publisher-based. It might also be that you want to boost your analytics or ranking and you need massive traffic from a clean source (the social media) and because you do not know how to go about SEO which of course usually takes time. You may also want to present traffic data for your website in order to get a massive deal. There are several reasons you may want to pay for traffic online.

Let us get straight to business. Traffic targeting on Facebook is dynamic, as expected a good and well-optimized campaign gets a low CPC (Cost per Click) which will go a long way to determine the success of your campaign

1. Create a Very Well Thought and Good Content on your Landing Page
There is a wise saying that “Content is Key”. It is important that when you are trying to run a traffic or any other type of campaign on Facebook, your landing page must be of top quality. You need to select the niche of which audiences you are trying to attract. Some of the best niches include; social media marketing, business, sports, celebrity news etc

If the content is of top quality, once you publish your campaign, you get shares. Shares drive down your overall Cost Per Impression and hence low CPC. It means Facebook regards your content as high quality and will be willing to show it to more people at a lower cost.

2. Quality Creative

While you are sure your content is of top quality, it is important to also have a top notch creative. The image must be appealing but must be in the sizes as recommended by Facebook. Do not add much texts on the image, the text will be useful in the title and description section. Also, ensure that your description is stratight to the point and teasy for users to want to click to read more

3. Apportion a Reasonable Budget

Budget is important when trying to campaign on Facebook. A serious advertiser will have a good budget to run a campaign. Facebook sees you as serious when you apportion a reasonable amount of money for a campaign, they will be willing to send more traffic to you

4. Set a Healthy but Controversial Content for Traffic Ads

We are not talking about political or social issue, what we meant by controversial content is a type of content that drives conversation. For instance, in sport, there is always an argument over who is better between Messi and Ronaldo. A kind of article that suggests statistical comparison between the two might be something a lot of audiences in the sport niche might be interested in.

5. Always Monitor and Track your Ads Performance

It is important as there is no point in running an ads that is not yielding desireable result. Always track to see how it is working. If you notice it is not getting you traffic or the CPC is too high for the value you are getting, you can stop the ads and try out something different


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