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How to Start a Profitable Photocopy Business

Have you been wondering why many ventured into photocopy business in Nigeria despite its low cost of service, raising questions on whether it’s viable or not? This article detailed all you need to know on how to start a profitable photocopy business in Nigeria.

How much money is required to start a profitable photocopy business in Nigeria, what supplies and equipment are required, and a step-by-step approach to starting a lucrative copying business in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, photocopies are quite significant. Because documents occasionally need to be duplicated or multiplied, a lot of schools, organizations, businesses, and government parastarters depend on the copying industry to function effectively. The best part about this industry is that there is still room for growth. Read on to find out how to start a profitable photocopy business in Nigeria.

Is the Photocopying Business Viable?

Due to the strong demand for documents needed to handle admissions, proposals, business plans, and information, the photocopy industry in Nigeria is profitable. Nigeria’s economy is not entirely run digitally.

Documents are still required everywhere in Nigeria because of this. Your photocopy business can be successful if it is located in the ideal area. Depending on the number of customers that come in to get their documents copied, you could earn up to N10,000 more per day.

Finance Required to Launch a Profitable Photocopy Business 

In Nigeria, beginning a photocopying business doesn’t cost much. A lot of entrepreneurial Nigerians can start a photocopy business because the startup costs are low.

It costs between N300,000 and N400,000 to launch a profitable photocopy business in Nigeria. Because you can use a stand, the capital does not include the costs associated with leasing a shop. However, it also comes with all other necessary tools and supplies, like a photocopier, A4 paper, and ink.

A photocopier’s price varies as well. As a result, there isn’t a photocopier that Nigerians would consider to be the greatest.

Dependent upon affordability and robustness. For your copying business, you can get a brand-new or used photocopier. Remember that you also need to purchase a generator.

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Getting Started in the Photocopy Business in Nigeria

Following are the processes on how to start a profitable photocopy business in Nigeria.

1. Obtain the Capital

Nigerian photocopy businesses don’t require a lot of capital to operate. But no one makes the same amount of money every day, every month, or every year. As a result, not everyone may be able to afford the company.

If you cannot afford it, you can start a business by simply setting aside money each day or each month. If you already have the necessary tools or supplies, your capital requirements will be lower. For instance, you can cut the capital to a set proportion if you have A4 papers or even a photocopier.

2. Purchase a Photocopier

Many people would like advice on how to go about purchasing a photocopier for their photocopying business. You can acquire a new or used photocopier, as I previously stated. However, because they are more affordable and dependable than new photocopiers, many business owners opt to purchase tokunbo models.

Therefore, purchase a tokunbo photocopier from any nearby computer village. You can accompany a computer engineer so that they can ensure you purchase a high-quality one.

3. Find the ideal location

In Nigeria, location is crucial to the success of your photocopy business. It is your company’s lifeline. Your company may be made or broken by it. You should take your time selecting a spot because of this.

The optimal location for a photocopy business is ideally next to a lot of offices or businesses or schools. Also, ideal locations for photocopy enterprises are really government parastatals because hundreds of Nigerians visit them every day.

4. Set up the Photocopy Machine

Once you’ve found the ideal spot, you may clean up the area, construct a shade to keep you and your clients out of the sun, run electrical wires, erect cabinets, and set up the Photocopy Machine. You will also want a generator, preferably a brand-new one.

5. Launch the Photocopy Business

As soon as your photocopier is installed, you can launch your photocopying business. The prices other copying businesses in your area charge largely determines how much you charge for photocopies.

Therefore, be sure to get your papers at fair costs so that you won’t need to raise your price. Customers will skip your stand and go to others nearby if your price is greater since theirs is cheaper.

6. Profiting from the Photocopy Business

It’s simple to turn a profit in the photocopy industry. You only need to complete a few tasks.

  • Ensure that you provide your customers with top-notch service. For instance, if your photocopier is ineffective and producing documents that are illegible, fix it to avoid losing clients.
  • Ensure that your surroundings are tidy. Customers notice your environment whether we like it or not. They won’t approach if it smells bad or is dirty.


If you have the necessary funding to launch your business and choose the ideal location, running a photocopying business in Nigeria might be profitable.

The only issue with the copying business is that occasionally the price of paper goes up, which can have an impact on how much you charge for copies as time goes on.



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