How to Make Your Facebook Ads Campaign Convert to Sales

Today, we will be touching on how to make your Facebook ads campaign convert to sales or download through effective targeting. In our last post, we were able to put you through the steps on how to create an ad campaign on Facebook which of course had given a clear insight on how to go about the Facebook ads dashboard. Also, we made you realize that there are different objective options to suit your purpose of a campaign which of course we made an example of a user trying to get more traffic on his website.

To further the discussion on objectives, we will be reaching out to users who intend to make sales on their website, we will be using a simple website as an example where your sale is made after a user navigates to a site. The idea of making great sales from Facebook ads is because Facebook tailors your ads according to your objectives. There are different charging techniques used by Facebook. They have CPM (Cost by Impression) and CPC (Cost Per Click) and other charging techniques will depend on the kind of ads your run, that is your objective chosen in the option.

Below is a step-by-step guide to set up a campaign for Conversion

  • Go to – Ensure that your account is logged in
  • Click on the “Conversion” option, then scroll down to Name Your Campaign > Ads Set > Ads. Then Click Continue
  • You will be taken to your campaign dashboard. Just click on Next since you already named your Campaigns
  • Next takes you to a page where you set your landing option for conversion (Website, App, Whatsapp etc). In this illustration, we choose “website”
  • You will set your budget and schedule date to run your ads. Also, your set your targeted audiences. The demography are Age, Sex, Location, Interest and perhaps Language.

While you set all these details, the estimated result is shown by the right side of your PC screen to give you an insight to your you should be expecting as a result based on your chosen criteria.

In the image above, it shows less than 10 conversions is expected based on my test criteria chosen. Your budget and demography will go a long way in deciding your expected return. It is advisable that this method is best if the value of your conversion (goods/service/downloads/signups) is high.

  • Set your Image and Text Creatives
  • Publish your ads, then you are good to go




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