How to Improve Customer Relationships of your Business

How to Improve Customer Relationships for Your Business

We continue to stress that one of the major reasons for setting up a business is to consistently create values to the satisfaction of our potential clients. Continuous satisfaction is a major core of any company’s objectives and the ability to achieve this will ensure more sales and profit

Having known this, the business or company is obliged to strive continuously to improve in the handling of its customers to ensure utmost satisfaction always. Satisfaction of customers is not only applicable to big companies, it is as well important to small and medium-scale businesses, and not limited to startups.

Below are tips to help improve the customer relationship of your business:

Research on Customer Needs

There is a general assertion that says that “consumer is king”, this simply means that all that a business strives to achieve is to satisfy the consumers or improve customer relationships. However, it is very important to go all out to find out about the latest trends and updates in the line of your business. The trends that the consumers are now patronizing simply because it is bringing them more value. You need to understand what the customers want and immediately incorporate it into whatever product or service you offer. This is just one of the tips to help improve customer relationships for your business.

Get Feedback from Customers

It is not enough to sit and wait till customers come to complain about a bad product or service before you respond or take action. You should always be ahead of your customers in trying to get feedback from them as regards services rendered. This is very critical as at this stage, a purchase has occurred and it’s either the customer is satisfied or not. It is therefore essential to get feedback from them through asking questions.

This can be done by giving customers the opportunity to provide testimonials and online reviews. This can be achieved by providing a simple feedback form or survey with an incentive to complete it. This kind of activity improves customer relationships for your business

Provide a Communication Channel that Caters to all Customers

Here is another tip to help improve customer relationships for your business. We now live in an environment where we have customer patronage from different ethnic backgrounds, different languages, and cultures. Usually, big companies with a standard customer service center have provisions to serve customers who enquire in their preferred languages. It is important that a business/company’s customer care department is able to communicate to customers in a way that makes them comfortable to express themselves better.

You have to consider the tone and type of language that best represents your values and service ethics. For example, formal versus informal style of language. Do not always be overly formal in communication with customers, going a bit local to understand their inquiries or complaints would simply help in quick response and feedback

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Provide More Values

You can decide to offer discounts for your service from time to time, this helps in customers’ loyalty. You can also set up Loyalty Program to reward your loyal customers for their continuous patronage.

Also, try to offer additional value for the purchase threshold, just like adding another product to a particular amount of your actual purchase.

This will increase the trust they have in your business and may even recommend you to friends and families. This kind of program help to raise your business credibility and encourage new referrals to your organization. This will also improve the customer relationship with your business

Offer Great Incentives Within Your Organization

Customer satisfaction didn’t just start at the point of them making inquiries or complaints, it also has to do with the way customers find and buy your organization’s service and products, and also the support you give after-sales. Although, this largely depends on the type of product/service your business offer. Having a great incentive within your organization by rewarding the employee who had the greatest customer relationship will spur your employees’ willingness to ensure customer satisfaction which will augur well for your business.

Provide an Easy Access to Customer Support

This is an integral part of the Customer Services journey aimed at utmost satisfaction. You really want your customers to be able to reach you either for inquiries or complaints, then you have to create the channels to reach you in a way that is easily accessible by the customers.

Modern-day businesses are on all Social Media platforms, this is very important. Make your support channel accessible online, create a contact page on your business website, and provide a direct phone line so they can reach your customer support.

Create a Well Detailed Frequently Asked Questions Section

Frequently Asked Questions are mostly available on business websites, it is usually the first point of customer contact for services that are technical in nature or have a consumption or subscription process. For instance, it is normal for a banking website to have an FAQ section where customers can check to likely check for possible answers/solutions to their inquiries/problems.

Let your FAQ capture all details about the service as such this reduces the pressure

Train Your Employees on Customer Service Management

It is worth investing in your employees by providing training on customer service. An experienced and engaging training provider will be able to support you and your team in delivering personalized, tailored customer service, in a sustainable way. It will improve the quality of customer management and hence create a good image for your business

Pay Attention to Specific Customers’ Complaints

If two to five customers have come to complain about similar things regarding the quality of your product or service delivery, it is important to take appropriate steps to investigate and see to the cause of the problem that is causing customers to complain. Look to resolve the issue and ensure the problem no longer exist by tackling it as soon as possible

Integrate Live Chat on Your Website

If your business has a website, it is easier to get feedback from customers. However, it is important to make them feel they can get instant responses from inquiries or complaints irrespective of the channel customers wish to reach your business representative. Have a live chat installed on your website, it will ensure there is always personnel live to respond to customers.


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