How to Effectively Sell Your Knowledge Online

Making money online is one of the most strenuous yet possible means anyone could adopt to become rich. Knowledge is vast and while you may think you do not know enough, millions of people wished they could have a fraction of your knowledge.

We have always said there are limitless opportunities to earn money online due to the possibility of connecting millions of clients with just a click away. However, we will put you through the various ways you can sell your knowledge to earn income online.

Knowledge varies from crafts to how to fix stuff that others do not have. For instance, you could be a caterer, an IT/Tech guru, or an expert marketer and decide to pass on your knowledge to others via a premium means, this is achievable online.

How to Sell Your Skills Online

  • Create a Subscription Blog

With WordPress, it is possible t create a blog that allows only premium users to access its content subject to subscription. Depending on your blog niche, you can sell valuable information on your blog via subscription, making users pay a certain amount of money valid for a particular cycle before accessing the content. Plugins such as Memberpress or Paid Membership Pro would help make that possible. They come alongside some popular payment gateways to help receive money online.

  • Blogging and Advert Publishing

Aside from making users subscribe to your blog before accessing its content, you can still make your content accessible for free yet earn income off it. We recently wrote about how to earn income online on your website, the article gave an insight on how you can earn money via Ads publishing companies such as Google Adsense

  • E-book Download

Still, on selling your valuable knowledge online, we cannot stress enough the huge potentials existing in online marketing. Rather than publish a physical book of writing which contains teaching people how to do things or be successful with the aim of selling them, you can easily create a premium e-book that could be downloadable by users from your website or blog. E-books are the electronic versions of printed or published books which do not decrease its sale.

  • Create a Video Channel

Indisputably, videos create more appeal on media than any other format. If you have a piece of knowledge or hack on how to do specific things or make headway in the business industry, it would make much sense to create a video channel and acquire as many subscribers as you can. What this does is to create a huge following for your business which could translate to sales or revenue earnings of various kinds.

For instance, a great barber who constantly showcases his work on a video channel, creating unique content around it, is most likely going to get more patronage from his followers. Apart from that, Google rewards Youtube users with amazing content and massive followers by allowing them to enroll in their Adsense Publishers program which is an earning opportunity.



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