How to Create Campaign on Facebook Business Page – Step by Step Guide

Today, we will analyze in detail how you can create a campaign on a Facebook page with a step-by-step illustration. In our last post, we gave insight on how to create sponsored Facebook page, which is the preliminary method of creating a campaign on Facebook. Literarily, boosting a post would at best only convert on Facebook itself, not suitable for campaigns aimed at terminating conversion on own’s business website or app therefore its use is of limited use.

However, thankfully Facebook has different objectives in their campaign dashboard, making it easier for users to tailor their campaigns towards achieving advertiser’s aim.Creating a campaign on Facebook is not the same as boosting a post. While boosting a post is as easy as clicking on “Boost Post” from the page timeline to setting the demography, creating a campaign requires using the Facebook ads platform which is accessible via the Ads Manager,

Creating a Campaign Dashboard

The dashboard image presented above shows the objective for users to choose which one best suits users’ purpose. For Brand Awareness/Reach, Facebook intends to expose your business to reach a sizeable number of audiences on the platform as set by your budget.

For consideration, you are assumed to have a landing page where you intend to send users to take an action. your objective. Your intention will determine the type of action you will take at this stage. If you own a website for example and you want a sizeable traffic on your website, you can choose Traffic. Facebook would charge you according to the number of traffic delivered to your website.

If you have a video uploaded on Facebook and you want engagement of some kind on the video, then it is advisable you choose engagement, Facebook would charge as per your objective. For Message, you must have provided and linked your Whatsapp number to the Page you are using for the campaign.

However, if you have an Ecommerce website or conversion tunnel website, the best option to choose is Conversion. It’s best used when you intend to make sales or aggregate business information from clients. However, the conversion option would need a pixel on your website/app to be able to achieve its aim. A pixel is a code that is installed on your website or app to enable Facebook to understand when a conversion process has been completed on your website/app

The beauty of all these is that Facebook will charge as per your objective and they wouldn’t charge until the process is completed. The objective option you pick will determine what criteria are needed to be fulfilled in the next step. However, there are general rules or things in each of the options.

Ads Name

You need to name your ad as you are about to create it. That is the first step to take before creating your campaign


In creating your campaign, you would need to provide a banner(s) that would depict what you are trying to promote to your audience. But it is always necessary to note that Facebook does not encourage too much text on a banner, rather there is a space for title and description. The banner can either be in JPG or PNG format.

Title and Description

Your title needs to be straight to the point eg “Best Selling Ebook” while your description sheds more light on what you are trying to promote, it shouldn’t be too long, maximum 125 characters.


If you are sending traffic to a website or app, for instance, you will need to provide the url of the website/app you are sending people to. You need to specify the full url, by adding http:// or https:// to the url.

Ads Targeting

After your creatives have satisfied Facebook’s condition, you go ahead to choose your targeted demography. The demographies include sex, age, location, and interest. After selecting the demography, you proceed to payment which we already explained in our previous article how to run a Facebook sponsored post.

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