Digital and Social Media Marketing – All You Need to Know as a Business Owner

Welcome to Remcip, a blog ready to assist with all your needs as regards digital and social media marketing which will go a long way in helping both your physical and digital products or services.

The COVID pandemic has opened the eyes of so many business owners and while some businesses fold up, some others thrive because they are already operating businesses online. Away from the conventional marketing system, a lot of new businesses now have the budget for digital marketing which is of course, if well harnessed, will create a gateway for you to make a lot of sales.

There are many digital marketing experts that have made wave in the industry, an example of such is Neil Patel, one of the top influencers on the web, reffered to one of the top 10 marketers by Forbes. A lot of up upcoming digital marketers look up to him and while he is there to render useful tips, Remcip will be helping with detailed information of all you need to know about social media/digital marketing to help grow your business.

As a business owner, either you sell physical or digital products, you want to grow your business through making a lot of sales, generating income and live a comfortable life. The Social Media is a very useful platform to help grow businesses nowadays.

As you follow our blog, we will be exposing you how to do the following:

  • Set Up Facebook Sponsored Campaign: this will be providing insight on how you can set up a simple sponsored campaign by simply boosting your post.
  • Create Facebook Business Page: this will run you through steps on how to set up business page on Facebook and how you can use it to advertise you products and services.
  • Facebook Conversion Pixel Management: this will provide an insight into how you can track campaign conversion through Facebook pixel installation
  • Instagram/Facebook Linkage: in this article, you will be able to link your Facebook Business Page with your Instagram account
  • Facebook Traffic Targeting: this will provide an insight into how to properly set up ads on Facebook and the tips to get traffic to your website or app
  • Campaign for Whatsapp Conversion: this article will help you run ads campaign that are meant to terminate to your Whatsapp messages only.
  • SEO Best Practice: this article will help you practice SEO in the best possible way on your website, blog or vlog
  • Creating a Conversion Funnel: this will run you through how you can create a single web page for conversion purpose
  • Digital Marketing Platforms for traffic: this article will help you discover other native digital marketing platform you can adopt to drive massive traffic to your website


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