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Detailed Information on How to Start a Mini-Importation Business

Mini importation business has recently prospered in Nigeria as a viable business, thanks to its relatively low starting costs and versatility. Any Nigerian can use mini importation as a side business or as their main source of revenue. Simply said, it involves purchasing goods at wholesale costs from nations like China, Turkey, Japan, and others to resell in Nigeria at a little higher price.

Why Launch a Mini-Importation Business?

  • Low initial capital requirement compared to other traditional businesses in Nigeria: This is one of the main reasons why most people choose to start a tiny importation business.
  • Work from home job: To be able to sell and market your goods without stress, all you need are some extremely good internet communication skills.
  • Investment that pays off: When one is consistent and also able to invest in digital marketing, the returns are considerable.

Advantages of Starting a Mini-Importation Business in Nigeria

  • Profitable business opportunity with a high profit margin
  • Possibility of growth into a significant supply chain.

Disadvantages of Starting a Mini-Importation Business in Nigeria

  • Possibility of product loss or damage while in route
  • Risk of being a fraud victim
  • Sometimes, purchased items may not be exactly as pictured online.
  • Risk of having products seized by customs and other legal requirements.

Important Things to Note Before Starting a Mini-Importation Business in Nigeria

Invest Progressively: You don’t have to make a grand entrance to make a point at first. Instead, try out a few concepts on the market before placing bulk orders. Before making an order, consider what your customers desire because once it is delivered, there is no turning back.

Focus on Low Weight Items: Purchase more lightweight items to save on shipping.

Marketing Should be Focused on Social Media: For instance, at no additional cost to you, your WhatsApp status and Instagram stories could help your company reach its target audience.

Consistency: Be consistent and let them know what you are selling, whatever it may be. Don’t be a seasonal importer who deals in electronics one day and clothing or makeup the next. If you did this, you would quickly lose your market.

Before making a purchase, compare prices: Before starting a business, determine whether an item is a lucrative investment by comparing the price it is sold for in Nigeria to the price it is sold for abroad. Then, add the logistics and other costs margin.
Let’s look at how simple it is to import things from China.

The purchasing stage and the shipping stage are the two stages of importing from China. You have the option to purchase your things directly from a seller or through an agent.

Sign up your company with CAC
This is important if you want your company to build reputation with customers, even though it is not a need to start an importation business in Nigeria.

Many individuals today worry about losing money to online scammers, especially when a transaction includes paying before receiving something. The reason is that many people have fallen victim in the past and it has made them wary of everything online.

To give your company a reliable reputation, you must register your firm. One benefit is that you may quickly display your certificate of registration to anyone who questions your trustworthiness before paying for a goods.

Pick a shop location

You must understand how to purchase from retail websites if you want to run a profitable mini-importation business. Direct connection to many generating companies is provided by retail websites. This implies that you may browse the products of similar businesses, evaluate their prices, and choose the best option for you—all from a website.

It is important to highlight that one should exercise caution when making purchases from any business featured on these websites. Considering that some of them engage in dishonest behavior. Checking a company’s evaluations and ratings on the website by prior customers is thus vital to guarantee that quality is not compromised.

Here are a few trustworthy retail websites where you can make purchases. A translator, like Google Translate, would be necessary to understand some of them because they are entirely written in Chinese: is one of the biggest online retailers, offering high-quality products at competitive costs. Aliexpress is a reputable retailer of high-quality goods. But their prices are typically more expensive when compared to Alibaba and 1688.

With over a million companies presenting their products on this store, is one of the cheapest retail sites and employs the Yuan, a currency used in China, to do transactions.

The others include iPmart, Everbuying, DHgate, Amazon, and Amazon.


Pay for your logistics and goods.

Making payment comes next after choosing your favourite items from the retail site. You can use their website’s add-to-cart option to pay directly by yourself.

After that, make a payment to the providers’ account using direct bank transfer, PayPal, or your debit MasterCard. Within 14 days, your items will be dispatched to you. But in order to accomplish this and send money directly to Chinese dealers, you need a Chinese account.

The use of agents is an additional option. Agents are individuals who serve as a point of contact between Chinese vendors and you, the buyer. They will assist you in making a purchase from the producer, handle your payment, and arrange for shipping to Nigeria.

Sending them links to the individual things you wish to purchase from the websites and providing them with order information like color, size, and quantity would be all you would need to do. The agents will then go ahead and order your items for you, calling you when they are ready for pickup at their offices. If you like, they will also take care of the logistics right up to your door, but at an additional expense to you. Typically, agents bill clients for their services.


Marketing Your Product

Purchasing products you cannot sell is pointless. Therefore, you must learn how to advertise your products before they are ever imported into the nation. There are numerous ways to achieve this. You must first register your business with them in order to begin using these sites. Second, use social media tools like Facebook groups, Youtube videos, Instagram reels and hashtags, and last but not least, WhatsApp groups and status to market your products.

Further Important Information

Shipping charges: In the mini-importation sector, shipping expenses account for the majority of profit.

Why is it the case?

Since the cost is determined by the weight of your goods, it is best to purchase lightweight items, especially if you are just starting out. Watches, jewelry, scarves, and children’s clothing are examples of items that do not have significant shipping charges because shipping expenses increase with package weight.

Finding people who are purchasing like goods and pooling resources with them is one way to lower shipping expenses. In this approach, you can split the cost of shipment among yourselves and pay for logistics as a group.

There are two types of shipping: express air shipping, which delivers your items to Nigeria within 48–72 hours of your order. Fast yet more expensive.

There is also standard shipping, whose delivery time is 14–15 days.

The minimum order quantity, or MOQ, determines how many orders a producer will accept from you, the retailer, in order to sell to you at a discounted price. Normally, in order to get things for a lower price, you must buy in bulk, but thanks to recent developments, this is no longer necessary.

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) varies with producers and items. For some, the MOQ is lower depending on the producer, while for others, it is higher.

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