How to Create and Optimize Video Ads on Facebook

We have run you through how you can run content marketing using blogs and other channels, it is important to note that video marketing is as well effective especially when considering running an ad campaign on Facebook. In this article, we will run you through the tips to run an effective video ads on Facebook

Facebook has a very detailed demography as well as different marketing media channel that helps appeal to your targeted audiences and hence maximize conversion. Video ads is not new as we have probably been seeing even before the emergence of Social Media.

Videos are natural attention seeking and very good video ads would appeal and help as far as conversion is concerned. Running video ads on Facebook is important and could be more effective than banners, depending on the type of products being advertised.

Tips on how to run effective video ads on Facebook

The following tips would help you create and optimize video ads on Facebook

Create a very good video:

You would need a high-resolution video. There are several apps (both desktop and mobile) that help create professional videos out there. Google is your friend as far as search is concerned.

Avoid too much text on the video:

Facebook does not encourage putting a lot of texts on creatives (banners and videos), they can be infused on the text and description caption which is available on the Facebook Ads Campaign Dashboard.

Promote values your product would provide in the video:

Your video creation should be centered around what value your product would provide and this should be well-articulated and communicated in the video you have created

Your Video Should resonate with Sound

Do not create a video without sound. In fact, your video should have a captivating sound that resonates with the type of video you are creating. It could be a piece of music but beware of copyrighted kinds of music as Facebook would reject your ads.

Add a Click to Action Button:

Your video is not meant to entertain your audience, it is meant to propel them to an action which is to either make them buy your product or subscribe to your service. Do not forget to add a CTA button to your ad

Avoid Big Sized or Landscape Video Shape

You should always have it at the back of your mind that the majority of people that would access your ads will do so from their platform so your ads should be intended towards targeting mobile users. There are three Facebook video ad specs you can use–vertical, square, and landscape. If you want your ads to have a bigger impact, you’re going to need either vertical or square videos. This is mainly because a majority of Facebook users access the platform on their smartphones, as opposed to desktops and laptops. And square and vertical formats are more suitable for mobile screens, leading to their success.

The above-listed tips should guide you towards creating an ad video that would help convert.

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