Best Side Hustle Business Ideas in Nigeria

The nation’s economy is not doing well, and as a result, the majority of people who hold several 9–5 jobs have decided to start their own businesses because their monthly incomes cannot simply cover their rising expenses. The best side business in Nigeria is the subject of this essay.

It is worthwhile to take into account any of the business ideas featured in the article’s compilation of the greatest side hustles in Nigeria while thinking about having a different source of income. Given the pay and expenses that come with having to live in a salaried position as a recent graduate, one could not be leading a particularly comfortable existence.

But the easiest method to get out of being broke has been to start a side business that could be a second source of income.

We’ll look at the top 10 side businesses in Nigeria that could be used as an employee’s secondary source of income.

Best Side Hustle Business Ideas in Nigeria

1. Clothing:

Starting a clothes sales business is one of the side hustles you might think about because it has become popular, especially among women. Even if it could be difficult, the rise of online commerce has made it simple.

You must sell your products online if you want to operate a profitable apparel business as a side business. You can purchase from one of the many clothes industry outlets whenever you need something. Your social media accounts will be where you perform all of your marketing, and purchasing may be done on the weekends.

You will merely have an agreement with a logistics business for the delivery of items to clients.

This enterprise is regarded as one of the top side hustle business ideas in Nigeria.

2. Blogging:

You may have this investment as a side business, which is another intriguing one. Although blogging demands a lot of commitment, it is a really good investment that, with the right management, might still be your side business.

There are numerous methods to make money blogging. You might work as a publisher for advertising businesses or just start an affiliate marketing enterprise.

This enterprise is regarded as one of the top side hustle business ideas in Nigeria.

3. Digital Marketing:

It is conceivable for a digital marketer to work for an organization full-time while still running their own side business.

You will still be using your devices to do all of your tasks, therefore you must be well-versed in client administration. Keep your personal affairs apart from those of your employer.

This enterprise is regarded as one of the top side-business concepts in Nigeria.

4. Transport Business:

The transport industry is yet another venture you can start on the side. You’ll be surprised by this possibility for a side business, I promise. It is well known that the transportation industry is incredibly profitable, therefore you can only imagine how much money carriers are making every day.

However, how is running a transport company as a side business possible? Consider living in Lagos, specifically on the mainland, while you find employment on the island. The cost of getting to and from work is not only inconvenient, but also expensive.

Having a personal vehicle will be quite advantageous because you may make extra money by driving coworkers to and from work each morning and evening.

The optimal form of vehicle for this use would be a space bus that could carry at least seven people. Once you notice that your daily revenue from the transportation side business is covering your expenses, you will understand that your monthly wage will be sufficient for you to save and purchase some properties in the future.This business is considered one of the best side hustle idea in Nigeria

5. Catering:

Prior to obtaining a white collar work, developing some abilities can keep you ahead of the competition and position you for potential numerous sources of income. There are various ways that a caterer can operate their business as a side business while maintaining their regular 9 to 5 employment.

You can choose to make snacks like chin-chin to sell to your coworkers in the office. Additionally, you can find cake-baking employment that you could work on the weekends. If employed on a contract basis rather than on a full-time basis, catering could make a great side business.

This enterprise is regarded as one of the top side-business concepts in Nigeria.

6. Freelance Writing:

You can work as a freelance writer, being paid to write content for blogs and websites while continuing to work your regular 9–5 job without any conflicts of interest.

As was already mentioned, having a skill puts you in a prime position to increase your source of income. You might accept numerous contract writing projects as a freelancer while continuing to be employed and fulfill your obligations.

Your ability to manage your time and projects will determine how well you handle both.

This enterprise is regarded as one of the top side-business concepts in Nigeria.

7. Website Development:

You might easily combine another specialized employment with your 9–5 work.

Website developers have the flexibility of choosing when to deliver projects for clients so they may focus on fulfilling their obligations to their employers.

This enterprise is regarded as one of the top side-business concepts in Nigeria.

8. POS Agency Business:

Allow your POS business to generate some income while you carry out your duties at work.

In this scenario, you will not be able to manage the day-to-day operations of the firm; instead, you will need to employ someone to run it on your behalf.

The POS agency industry is causing a stir in this region of the world since it has contributed to the shortening of the lines formerly seen at ATM locations.

Despite the fact that the industry is becoming more competitive, it is still important to take into account because it is quite profitable.

As a result, while there are many enterprises you may start as a side gig to supplement your 9 to 5, developing a highly in-demand expertise is the best course of action. minimizing the chance of a conflict of interest arising from having a side business and a job at the same time

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