How to Advertise on Google Ads Platform

Google has one of the biggest advertising platforms with detailed demography suitable for a business from any industry to reach out to their targeted audiences with ease. To start with, one would wonder how Google does it because they do not actually advertise on their popular Google Homepage, which is just a plain web page with a search box. The simple answer is that Google runs a publishers program that allows them to place clients’ ads on eligible blogs and .websites on the internet.

Because Google owns a lot of products and other apps such as Youtube, it is easier for them to help clients reach their targeted audiences from all over the internet, using the different media (banner, video, text etc). Depending on what the goals of your ads are, Google ads have detailed demography to help you attain such objectives. Unlike other ads platform, Google’s ads system consist of keyword search and banner ads.

Google Ads operates and charges with the Pay-per-Click model (PPC) model. That implies advertisers focus on a particular keyword on Google and make bids on the watchword. The bids you set is the maximum you’re willing to pay for an advertisement.

On the other hand, you can set a maximum day-by-day financial plan for your advertisement. You’ll never spend in excess of a particular sum for that promotion each day, assisting you with improving the feeling of the amount you should financially plan for your ads.

Advertisers have three choices for their bids:

  • Cost-per-click (CPC). The amount you pay when a client taps on your advertisement.
  • Cost-per-mille (CPM). The amount you pay per 1000 advertisement impressions.
  • Cost-per-commitment (CPE). The amount you pay when a client plays out a particular activity on your advertisement (pursues a rundown, watch a video, and so forth)

Different Types of Google Ads
Google offers a variety of different campaign types that you can use but we will be concentrating on two as far as this article is concerned

  • Search campaign: this allows you to set search keywords for your business on Google Ads and Google will randomly place your ads at the top of every search that matches your keyword. You will be charged per impression or per click, depending on what you have set
  • Display campaign: Display allows you to be more creative in creating your ads. It requires a banner that will be shown to your targeted audience. The banner usually have an embedded link that takes users to the landing page when cicked. Google usually charge per click for banner ads

To start advertising on Google Advertising Platform formerly known as Adwords, below are the steps:

  • Create or log into your Google Account (Gmail)
  • Navigate to
  • Click on Start Now: If you are already signed into your Gmail, it will take you to where your ads accounts are or simply ask you to create one
  • Choose Your Ads Goal (Click on Get More Website Sale) for the purpose of this article
  • Enter Your Business Name
  • Enter Your Website Url (It will scan and display the look of your website)
  • Click Next. If You have Google Analytics installed on your website, it will ask if you want to link
  • It then take you where to add your Ads Text with Headlines and Description. It will show how it will look by the right hand side
  • Fill and Click Next
  • Next Add Keywords relating to your business, follow the suggestions Google give you
  • Choose location
  • Select a Budget to be spent per day
  • Review
  • The Accept Terms and Wait for Google Approval

The above step helps you set up a search ads that would come out in search results of the keywords you have chosen


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