A lot happens before, during and after a pitch to a prospective investor, and all these things have their individual effects on the outcome of the negotiation between a business owner and the investors.

The fact is if you are going to get the best out of a negotiation with your prospective investor, you have to get some things sorted out before during and after the pitch. There are some specific things you need to send and do to make you pitch a great and successful one.

This is what i will be showing you

Before The Meeting

Some entrepreneurs find it hard to send any type of information to the investors before the contact, due to fear of revealing sensitive information or making investors decide all they want to do before even meeting them. I understand no start-up wants to share too much information, but if you really want to get the attention of an investor, you need to create a material that talks about your firm.

You are not going to share everything you do rather it is going to be a teaser, a tip of the iceberg, something that if leaked to the public will even portray your start-up in a good light.

A lengthy email or material will not do much in getting the investor’s attention, rather, create a quality short presentation that will leave the investors asking to know more about the start-up. This is what you should add to this material that you need to send before the meeting

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Why the who and what is truly unique
  • Why the market opportunity will be really big
  • What unique, defensible brand will you build if you become an industry giant.

Make sure you make your presentation visual with quality pictures that are related to what you are talking about.

During The Meeting

The meeting should be an expansion of the material you sent to your investor, more of

  • What you have done so far with the business,
  • The future vision
  • Your financial plans.

You have to be willing to share more confidential information, which establishes trust and makes investors to pay more attention to pay more attention to you.

You can make use of a slide to make your presentation better but do not forget that it is only to aid the conversation; it is not all you need to focus on.

You must be able to create an avenue for questions, a great meeting is supposed to be a debate, not a pitch.

After The Meeting

The most important thing to do after the meeting is to send a thank you email and recommended possible steps that the investor can take. You can also request for a second meeting if need be if you really need to show more information to the investors.

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