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What you Need to Start Custard Production Business


Food business is no doubt a huge industry the world over. The likes of Nestle, Cadbury, UAC, Friesland foods etc have an age long history of thriving (economic recession or not) in the market place selling food related

With over 140 million Nigeria as your potential market, you can’t be wrong if you set up a lucrative custard production business. Speaking with Mr Obinna Mekah, a successful custard producer, with over seven year’s experience, we gathered that the business of food, most especially custard production, is an interesting and profitable one for any hardworking

 Why Choose Custard Production?
One of the most critical questions you must answer before starting out in business is to analyze whether there’s a market for the product or service you want to bring to the market place. Take for example Custard. Custard as a food item is a product with mass acceptance. It’s a food product that cuts across age, gender, ethnic and custard will always

What Custard is Made

According to Obinna Mekah, Custard can be said to be a treated form of pap. The truth is, the same corn used in producing pap is used for Custard. However, custard is more nutritious than pap simply because nutrient is added. Custard is 100% made up of powdered edible corn starch. The edible corn starch (used also for pharmaceutical products or whitish drugs) is produced maily from Holland and China. Other constituents of custard includes flavor (eg. Berries, banana, vanilla), concentrated nutrients- Vitamin A, and C, Iron)

Who are the Consumers of Custard?

There’s no limit to the number of consumers of this food product. The health properties contained in Custard make it a must in every home. But majorly we have the following groups of consumers;

Children:  Custard is a very good meal for children of all categories. Custard is a light meal for breakfast and dinner. Custard comes in various flavors and children enjoy it more when taken with milk.

Students: Custard is packaged such that student in boarding schools can take it with them to the boarding house

Pregnant women: Because of the nutrients present in Custard, it’s more preferable for pregnant women than pap that has no nutrient.

Nursing mothers: Custard is highly recommended for breastfeeding mothers.

Roadside beverage sellers: It is not uncommon to find roadside beverage sellers who also sell custards to commuters, in the morning as they go to work and sometimes at night.

Religious Faithfuls: In Nigeria, we have seasons when the two major religions engaged in abstinence from food known as fasting. Custard is often in demand at such times as a meal taken to refresh the stomach before taking a heavy food.


Mixing Machines
Weighing Instruments
Drying Machine
Sealing Machine
All these machines can equipment can be procured locally from machines and equipment’s fabricators in Nigeria.


 Edible Corn Starch flavor
 Egg yellow color
 Flavor e.g. banana, milk or vanilla
 Preservative (Sodium Benzoate)
 Concentrated Vitamins


Procedure:  Measure out the quantity of corn starch and pour into your mixer
After about 10 minutes of continuous mixing add the remaining ingredients like the flavor, colorants, preservative e.tc. and let the mixing continue for another 20mins, allow it cool then sieve the products and dry then pack into

Where To Start From

There’s nothing stopping anyone from starting from his or her backyard. The most important caution which the regulatory authorities are also concerned about is the hygiene of your environment. Remember that you’re dealing with what people are going to take in. better still if you can get a production space outside of your place of resident, you are good to

Types Of Custard

There are three major custard packaging in the market as at

Nylon Packaging: This is very common, being sold especially by roadside provisions sellers. You also refer to it as sachet just like you have your sachet

Bucket Packaging: This is also very common in the market place. They common in yellow colour, easy to carry bucket with a red cover. You have them in big and small

Lunchbox Packaging: This also is not so common. This type of packaging gives children opportunity of turning the pack into a lunch

Refill Pack: Like you have your regular refill pack of powder milk, so you have custard come in refill pack for the family use. Though, this pack is not common.

No matter the number of custard brands in the market, Obinna says the market can still accommodate as many that are willing to invest in the business. The most important thing is that you must get your custard formulation right. Remember a good product sells itself. However, if you are starting out, one key marketing strategy is to give out free samples especially to your neighbours. If you belong to a religious body like a church or mosque, you could appeal to your leader to allow you do a small presentation of your product.

Then again, take free samples of your product to the local market where you have top custard sellers. Establish a relationship with them and you see your custard brand flying. If possible you could have some promotional items such as branded biros, exercise books etc, packaged alongside each of your custard


There is no doubt that this is a profitable business. It has no respect for seasons. If you manage your business well, you are sure of raking in fortunes out custard production business. This is one business that, if well managed, is guaranteed to pay your bills and even put a roof over your head over time. Mr Obinna is indeed a true life testimony strong enough to convince any smart Nigerian that custard business is a

How To Succeed In Custard Production

Get your formulation right: The taste of the pudding, they say, is in the eating. If you must succeed in custard production business, you must make sure you get your formulation right. Consumers will go more for the brands that have the right taste. Make sure you are also

Have knowledge of printing: Most custard produced in sachets usually have their brand label fade out. This is due to poor printing. The implication is that if your product name cannot be easily indentified in the market place, then you lose your share of the market to your competitors. Obinna advises that you use gas printing to make your label

Plough Profit Back: Your business cannot succeed if you eat all your profit. Always plough back if you want the business to grow.

Be Creative: You can actually be creative with your brand of custard by churning out different flavours such as vanilla, banana, milk etc.



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