Long Queues Return to Lagos and Ogun Filling Stations

Long lines of edgy motorists and users of petroleum came back to numerous filling stations in Lagos and Ogun states on Saturday and Sunday after a short alleviation from the serious shortage of the item that shook the nation from December to early this month.

Huge numbers of the stations in the two states were closed on Sunday, while a portion of the ones that administered the item sold over the official direct cost of N145 per liter. Some filling stations in Ikotun, Ejigbo, Isolo, Idimu, Igando regions of Lagos, and Akute in Lagos, were selling the product between N160 and N180 per liter, while others just sold to motorcycle riders and other generator users with jerry jars, who were charged an additional cost of N200 by filling station attendants.

Bootleg market operators, popularly called “Black market” also had a field day as they sold petrol to desperate motorists for as high as N250 per liter on Sunday.

On the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, outbound Lagos, the lines of motorists at a portion of the few stations that sold the item spilled onto the highways, disturbing the stream of vehicles and disturbing general traffic flow.

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January 23, 2018

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