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Starting Wallpaper Business in Nigeria – The Requirements


Starting a wallpaper business is definitely a great business idea for someone who is passionate about wallpapers. There are certain reasons which push people to go for wallpapers rather than applying wall paints to their homes.

The beauty of the business is that you can easily determine your targeted customers through various categories of wallpapers to be created. For instance, football players for football lovers. Entertainment celebrities for those who love music and movies. You can also make wallpapers that are meant for homes, couples, salons and so on.

The top reasons are inexpensiveness, ease of cleanliness, decorativeness of wallpapers makes them acceptable by most households nowadays. Moreover, why people prefer wallpaper over paints is that wall paints fades away by repeated scrubbing unlike wallpapers.

These reasons make wallpaper business a good income opportunity for those who love hanging and pasting wallpapers. Now, if you are convinced to start your own wallpaper business, take into consideration the following steps:


Starting a business without considering its market demand is undoubtedly a blind business decision. What you must perform before launching your wallpaper business is to know how many households are out there in your area who want to paste wallpapers. If demand is worth to be explored, jump to the second step.


What you need to assemble for setting up your wallpaper business is much important for you. Buy brushes, wallpaper paste, water trough, wall sizing, roller, ladder and create colorful flyers from ordinary paper. Calculate how much money you will have to pile up to buy these wallpaper business resources.


Look around in your area and hire the skillful decorators. Ask them whether they will work on percentage basis or salary basis. Initially it would be tough to bear their salaries so it is better to convince them on percentage basis(20-30% per service).


Advertise your new wallpaper business through business cards and brochures. Pass them to your neighbors, friends and relatives. Another inexpensive way of communicating message to clients is distribute brochures on high traffic spots such as shopping malls, groceries etc

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