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Starting Vaseline Production on a Small Scale


Capital is never a constraint in starting this very business because even with a very little sum of money in your pockets, you can comfortably start producing your vaseline products and sell them off to make a lot of money for yourself. Also, you do not need to undergo complex machine production processes and other sophisticated industrial procedures to make your products. With minimum and affordable equipment and production capacity, you are very good to go into this business conveniently and start getting your just returns as soon as possible. The raw materials needed for the production of vaseline are popular items and are not difficult or too scarce to find. When you visit any big market in your area, you can easily procure them at very cheap prices.

Also, marketing your products after making them will never be a problem for you because the vaseline itself is already a widely used product and a household item just like I have emphasised before. There is a ready market for the products and so, you do not need too much publicity. And advertising to convince people to buy them. With minimum promotional activities, you will surely amass customers for your business, generate huge daily sales figures and enjoy your mega profits everyday. Just be determined to start this business and this business guide will be a stepping stone into your success as you proceed.

The chemical ingredients needed for the production of the vaseline as well as their standard production proportions includes the following:

• 30 Centilitre (cl) of Paraffin oil or mineral oil

• 1 Kilogram of Petroleum Jelly

• 1 Tablespoonful of Lanolin

• A sufficient quantity of Industrial perfume

Like is said before, these inputs can be easily sourced at very cheap prices from any big market around your location where chemicals and scientific laboratory items are being sold. So buy them for your business and get ready for production. As soon as you have them on your table, please follow these steps carefully to produce your vaseline in a few minutes time:

• Get a big-sized container or a pot and pour your 30 Cl of Paraffin oil or mineral oil into it.

• Add 1 Kilogram of the petroleum jelly and stir it properly.

• Also, Add 1 tablespoonful of the Lanolin substance and heat it moderately on fire (using a kerosene stove, a gas cooker, a firewood fireplace, an oven or an electric heater) so as to dissolve it properly and proportionately.

• As it melts, consider adding more 20 Cl of paraffin or mineral oil if the mixture is still stiff or too thick inside the pot. This is where you will decide the quantity and quality of your product. But if it is not too thick then, there is no need for you to add extra paraffin oil otherwise, your final product will not be too jelly in nature just as an ideal vaseline is expected to be. The more paraffin oil you add, the more you loose the thickness of your product becomes. So beware of this so as not to produce a sub-standard vaseline on the long run.

• As soon as the melting and mixing process has been completed, get your pot out of the heating and wait for a few seconds so that the heat of the mixture can cool down a little bit. Then, add your industrial perfume according to your desired and appealing fragrance which will easily catch the attention of people to buy them.

• Now, stir the mixture well so that the components can properly mix up with each other.

• After that, pour the mixture into your well-designed and branded packaging containers. Allow it to cool inside the containers for a few minutes and then, you have just produced your vaseline. Cover and seal the containers properly and take them to the market for sale.

In this business, everyone is your customer. However, your target consumers and selling points includes shops inside the fashion product markets, schools, students, event centres, ceremony venues, meetings, super markets, car parks, churches, entrepreneurial workshops, seminars, offices, wholesalers, households, neighbours, retailers and many others. Take your products to them at the initial stage and very soon, do not be surprised to see them coming to you to buy them directly. You can produce your vaseline inside your house but if you have the money, you can rent a spacious room in a strategic position, street, neighbourhood, joint, junction or market and do your business there such that your customers can easily locate you and strike amazing business deals with you. Sell your products at profitable prices.

If you save up enough money, enlarge your business into branches or even set up a larger production plant where you will increase your production scale, employ more staffs and generate higher returns on your investments. Also, consider giving your business a corporate outlook by registering your business name and brand names with the relevant authorities to gain full approval. In Nigeria, the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is in charge of incorporating new companies. Find out the appropriate body if you are residing in the USA, Canada, Ghana, India or in some other locations.

Take your business to the next level by embarking on a cost-effective advertising campaign through any means like newspapers, magazines, billboards, fliers, banners, posters, signposts, television shows, radio broadcasts among other good promotional channels. This will fetch you more customers and increase the patronage level of your business. The more your customers, the more your sales and the bigger your profits. Also, the better products you offer, the more the positive recommendations people will make to their friends about them. The implication is simply a larger customer base within a short frame of time.

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