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Starting a Sharwarma Stand Business – All You Need to Know


Sharwarma business is getting serious in Nigeria with every junction proving to be a point of sale in Lagos. Unlike Pizzas, Sharwarma is cheaper and affordable by most young guys and ladies anytime they look to enjoy some snacks.

At a minimum of just N500 per sharwarma, a seller can rake in up to N15,000 on a daily basis, it could be more especially when sited in a very busy area.

For a starter, it is advisable to get a gas Sharwarma machine, however, the electrical machine is highly recommended in an area where there is regular supply of electricity. 

The image above is a gas Sharwarma machine and can be gotten at online shops just as Jiji, this is tagged at N105,000.

Other Requirements

Deep Fryer 1 10,000
Electric Cooker 1 4,000
Fry pan and Pots – 15,000
Bowls and Cuttlery – 15,000
Chicken- 10,000
Bread- 1,500
Sussage- 1,600
Vegetables- 1,000
Cream- 1,500
Sauce- 800
Gas- about 1,000 worth
Seasoning- 300
CAC 100,000
Miscellaneous 100,000

The prices are not stipulated therefore, you can get them at lesser or higher price. This estimation is just to give you an insight.



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