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Starting a Disposable Food Pack Sales Business


Virtually all food selling businesses now use foam pack as a means of packaging food especially for those that need to take away rather than eat in. This provide another case for business opportunity. Fast food companies spend alot of money getting these disposables. From plates to cups, they are highly patronized by the likes of Mr Biggs, Tantalizers and other small fast food around.


  1. Go to a well established market, take a survey, know the bulk and unit selling price
  2. Get a shop, ensure you get your shop close to where there are lots of fast food sellers
  3. Have a store where you can keep the disposables. Ensure the store is not susceptible to water or flood
  4. Get a worker to help out in the shop
  5. Visit fast food sellers to market your product
  6. Do some other form of marketing

Foam pack business, obviously, many people do not think in that direction. Most would rather want to set up a fast food business, but instead of venturing into such business with high competition, you can be a supplier of one of the most important tools they will be needing to run their fast food business effectively.

If you visit some small food sellers in Lagos, you would discover almost all the food sellers now use disposable plates to sell their food. This is a very good business with high profit margin. Majority of people selling disposable pack have become successful from the business. That is not all, there are some mallams who sell fruit pack and even thos who sell small chops, they all use this disposable food packs. This business is one with a very huge potential. Do not be let out.

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