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How to Start Phone Repair Business in Nigeria


In Nigeria, over 150,000,000 people uses a mobile phone and like expected, usually develop fault overtime. If you’re to know the number of mobile screens being changed on a daily basis, it will leave your mouth agap. Cell phone repair business is a goldmine that anyone can venture into and make money, unfortunately many are blind to this fact.

You don’t need to be a tech guru or savvy before you can do this profitable easy business. All you need is to push yourself and do the training. Once done, the rest becomes history.

Before writing this article, I met with some top phone repairers here in Abia State and the revelation was intriguing. Mind you, they never wanted to let me into their little secret. But the buzz I bought made them loyal. I’m going to guide you on how to start a cell phone repair business.. This article however shouldn’t stop you from making further research on your own.

Before you whine about how bad you are with techs, just know that anyone can be anything if he believe. The first step in becoming a rich phone repairer is by learning the skills. This is the time you humble yourself and learn as an intern or apprentice in any phone repair shop around your area. There are also some skill acquisition centers where you can learn for free. All you need to do is snoop around and get information.

In this technological age, it’s even easier to learn whatever skill you want by watching tutorials on YouTube and Vidmate.

Another online platform where you can learn to repair phones is ifixit. Phone repair business is lucrative if you’ve got the skills, that’s why you need to make sure you become the best before starting.

When you know your target customers, you’ll certainly know the type of phone they use. Right now, iPhone, Samsung, Tecno, Infinix, windows etc are taking the lead. You need to be conversant with their features, parts and functionalities. Through your training, you’ll surely know all these.

This is a skill bass business and like many of them, requires certain tools if you must function. The basic tools you need in phone repair business have been listed below.

1. Screw driver
2. Tweezers
3. Spudger
4. Soldering iron
5. Multimeter
6. Adhesive tape
7. Magnifying lamp
8. Battery tester
9. LCD tester
10. Cleaning brush

Please, make you research and discover their prices. This will give you a hint of how much you need to start this business.

Whenever I’m handling this aspect – when it comes to establishing a startup, I can’t help but make it look very crucial. It’s indeed crucial and paramount. Don’t joke with your business location if you must succeed. The right location is all you need to get an overflow of customers. Phone repair business is lucrative only when the center or shop is located close to target customers.

If you have a shop that’s rightly located, let’s say in a location with heavy pedestrian traffic, getting a customer won’t be a hassle. All you need to do is make sure you have a boldly written signpost. I’m sure you must have seen most of these signposts, please make yours better and attractive.

Another strategy is to go online. You can create a facebook Ad and target only audience within your business location. Who isn’t on facebook? What this means is that all your customers are online, waiting for you to lead them to the right phone repair shop.

I saw a thread recently on Nairaland. It was opened my a phone repairer in Lagos, where users talk about the problems they are having with their mobile phone. All he does is to guide them into solving them. Any cases that requires the services of a phone engineer or repairer, he will direct the user to his shop immediately. That’s also one of the ways to attract customers.

However, it’s not always about attracting customers. It’s about keeping them. The only way you can keep your customers is by giving them an excellent service. When you do that, they will even recommend you everywhere they go.

In phone repair business, you need to inculcate some important attributes if you must remain in business. When you mishandle your customers, you get kicked out of the marketplace unless you’re the only phone repairer in the state which is likely impossible.

So, most of the qualities are;

Time management skills
Skillful and savvy in computer softwares.
In time management, you’ve to make sure that you work on any given phone before the agreed date. If you can’t deliver before then, make sure you give tangible reasons. In some cases, you have to be very patient with your customers.. Some of them can push you to the wall. In such a time, never lose your cool. Lastly but not the least, try to be good with lots of computer softwares. They can fetch you extra cash.

Changing a phone screen cost over N2000 at minimum – that’s for workmanship. There are some high-end phones that cost even more. Imagine if you get about 20 orders a day.

Faulty phones are emerging everyday, ranging from mouth piece problem, ear piece problem, unresponsive screen etc.. These are money. An average phone repairer goes home a day with nothing less than N20,000. Some make as much as N100,000 depending on the business location and competition.

Apart from the repair of phone, there are also numerous means to make money right from your shop.

=> Phone repair business comes with amazing opportunities, like the opportunity to help customers install apps, videos, music etc.

=> Some customers might also need their devices to be formatted/flash or rooted. That is why I mentioned early on that you need to be savvy in the use of computer softwares.

=> Stock your shop with different phone packs, ear piece, chargers batteries etc. These can serve as another stream of income. You can even start charging of phones. The earning you’ll realise will be mind-boggling.

Phone repair business is a lucrative business. All you need is to train to be expert. Once you’ve the training, you see everything fall in place. Before everything, make sure you draft out a good feasibility studies and make this business happen.

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