We always bring you agricultural business-related ideas here because we see real and enormous money-making potentials and endless opportunities lying inside them. Today is a day for the discussion centred on Soya Beans and how you can actually make lots of money storing it during its season of high supply and resell it off to customers when it is low in supply.

Obviously, Soya Bean is a widely planted leguminous seed all over the world in vast countries including the likes of the United States of America, Japan, China, Brazil, Argentina and even here in Nigeria. From the matured and harvested Soya Bean seeds, you can derive the soya bean floor which is a very good source of protein, calcium, minerals and vitamins for the body, the soya bean oil which serves as a major input in the manufacturing vegetable oils and the soya bean cake widely used all over the world in the manufacture of livestock feeds and supplements and also, the Soya milk which is a very tasty, nourishing and nutritious drink made from edible extracts from the processing of Soya bean seeds.

A lot of income opportunities lies in Soya Beans trading if you do not know it yet. Buying and selling this commodity can make you richer than your country’s President if you operate it on a large scale. You do not need to own a Soya bean farm before you can actually do this business and make your profits. You can easily source the product from its local producers and resell them to consumers at a very comfortable and big profit margins.

If you want to start this business, listen very carefully to me and see how it works.

• First get yourself a storage space. It can be a corner in your compound, a room inside your house or a rented store.

• Find a Soya Beans farmer nearest to you. During the peak production season of the product, buy in bulk quantities the local farmers and wait for the scarcity product during which you can take your stored Soya Bean seeds to the market and sell them for mega profits which can yield back for you 3 or 4 times your initial investments. One notable thing about dealing in this commodity is that it’s profit margins as well as the returns on investments associated with it is very high.

• As you sell off, gather your money together and prepare to expand your storage capacity for the next peak production season when you will start taking the above steps over and over again until you become a very rich business man in the field within the course of a very short period of time.

Take good note that you need to safeguard your stored soya bean seeds from pest attacks, rodents and even burglars. Fence your storage system tightly if you are storing it outdoors. If not lock up the storage room very well in order to ward off burglar attacks. Apply pesticides to keep of pests and rodents from destroying your stock. Also for your storage, store soya beans on sacks or in silos so as to keep it safe, fresh, preserve its high quality and get it ready for the marketing season during which you will make a whole lot of money and have a cause to smile for taking such a paying decision into the business.

That is how the business. Ask your questions below for answers.

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