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Snapchat CEO – India Too Poor To Consider Expansion


While Indians are increasingly downloading Snapchat on their smartphones, the company’s CEO feels India is “too poor” to seriously consider expanding its user base.

According to a report by Variety, the disparaging comment was made by the CEO of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel during a meeting to discuss the growth of the app’s user base in 2015.


When an employee raised concern about the app’s slow growth in a market like India which has a growing mobile penetration, Spiegel, cu ..

Snapchat CEO - India Too Poor To Consider Expansion

The employee Anthony Pompliano, who is currently engaged in a lawsuit against Snapchat after he accused the company of misleading investors by providing inflated statics about user data, said Spiegel stormed out of the meeting after making this comment.


According to unverified reports, Snapchat had close to 4 million users in India last year. While though the exact user base is not available, this number is expected to have grown since then. In comparison, Whatsapp has close to 200 million users in India.

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