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Setting Up a Profitable Cooked Noodles Selling Point


Today, Instant noidles have vecome a favourite meal amongst Nigerians simply because not only is it delicious but also fast to cook.

Its consumption has dramatically increased over the years and there are many brands producing noodles, from Indomie to Minimie.

This has provided Nigerians with another business opportunity. Before you walk down a street in Lagos, you would see more than 3 cooked noodles sales outlet. They way you brand your business will determine how you can beat the competition.

There are some outlers that sell a pack of cooked noodles for #600 while some go as low as #200. The difference is not far fetched, the way you present your business, in terms of ingredients and packaging goes a long way in determining your selling price.

Some add Chicken wings, some eggs, some sardine etc


1. Determine what brand of noodles

2. Counter or Shop

3. Food Pack

4. Cooking Gas (Electric and Gas)

5. Utensils

6. Atleast 1 worker

How well you do is a factor of how good your noodle taste is, the added ingredients, your marketing skill and approach to customers.

There is more than 100% return if you manage the business well.

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