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How To Sell Your Business Like Big Names Do


A business idea is as good as it’s marketing strategy and customer conversion. Therefore you need to know the right way to sell your business. Selling your business in the sense of brand marketing and getting your name out to the public.

Follow these steps to help you with selling your business like big names do.

Service Only ONE Customer

Before you start getting defensive on how that is not possible, i do not mean that you should have only one customer when it comes to the number, what i mean is have a definite type of customer. It is mostly called your customer avatar, create a person that is most likely to buy whatever you are offering and build your business strategies around that avatar.

This avatar must be created with enough informed data and statistics, mostly from people that have patronised you in the past. And if you don’t have this record start gathering it, and after a period that you think is long enough, you can create an avatar.

Why this?

The avatar will help you to make informed guesses and actions, promos, deals and other things that might not work if not done to the right niche and type of people.

Follow The Money

This might sound too materialist because most entrepreneurs are passionate people. Passion is a very vital factor of a business growth, but it is not all the business needs. You need to follow where the money is coming from to make more of it.

The channel that money follows from is obviously sales, and ultimately your customers, therefore if you want your business to really grow, dedicate a lot of time to get to know how customers feel about your product and industry per time.

Once you have created an avatar, and you have identified your customers and p, make sure you find a way to get into their heads.

I am not saying you should hypnotize them, rather put yourself in their shoes and try to make the kind of decisions they will tend to make with your products and industry as a whole.

Stop Doing Every Thing, Start Delegating

If you want your business to really grow, you have to start focusing on the strategic part of your business than the other things that almost anyone can do. When the founder or manager has to micromanage everything in a business, it will definitely not grow. “your growth is trapped because it’s based on your availability” which should not be.

Work on the following steps and make sure you change your statistics and approach when necessary.

Let’s talk, drop your business name and location, let people get to know you.


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