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Secrets of starting a successful Catfish business


The reason why so many people fail in Catfish business is not far fetched.  Knowledge they say is power, the difference between a rich man and a poor man isn’t ‘ money’, it is what they know. Here I will be giving you some secrets in Catfish business.

1. Catfish business is not for lazy people. This is a hard truth that needs to be said. If Gold where to be found on the surface of the earth, there would be no need for miners, in other words you will need to work hard

2. Acquire some knowledge

You will need to visit an existing farm, that way you can see how things are done and learn from there. You can also modify their models to suit your purpose. You can also ask someone who is experienced to mentor you, even if it means paying for it.

3. Capital

All business needs capital to start, it is better to start small so you can know  your onions well. You can start with as little as 50,000 naira. Thereafter you can source for loans and the likes, but if you already have capital, good for you. Your pond is also part of your start up capital. As a beginner, I would advice you go for a plastic/ tarpaulin pond. Reasons are; they are easier to manage and require little capital to construct.

4. Water/ Water Management

Water is quite essential. The water pH to ensure normal growth for Catfish is between 6&8. Anything lower than that could slow poke the growth of the fish. Water should be changed at least every 2-3 days.


Your stock is the most important. Buy fingerlings or juveniles from reputable hatchery. The specie of the fish also plays an important role. Personally I prefer clarias because of their ruggedity. It is better to under stock than to over stock. The calculation for stocking density to attain 1kg fish in 5-6months is length ×width×depth of water×5 divided by 3.

6. Feed

Start with a good foriegn feed like 2mm coppens, skerting and alla aqua. At two months you switch over to a good local feed. Feeding through out with foreign feed will affect your profit margin and may not give you desired weight.


Note: firstly, fingerlings, juveniles are growth stages in Catfish. Secondly, what works in farm A, might not work in Farm B, so be careful when you take models from other farms.

Strict adherence to the the highlighted points above, will bring about significant growth.




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