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Running a Successful Animal Feeds Production Business


Animal feeds production business is one of those business requiring little input but generates massive income to its owner. There are lots of homes and businesses rearing livestock, it wouldn’t be a bad idea at all venturing into business that ensures steady supply of what the livestock feed on because they are in high demand

Animal feeds production business is a massive business and the good news is you can start with a little capital as well as little space. For you to ensure you venture into a successful Animal feeds production business, follow the steps below:

Feed Formulation:

First, you have to come up with a formula. This would depend on the livestock category you want to produce for. Of course, the formula for chicken feed would be different from fish feed. To come up with a good formula, you should learn about the nutritional requirements of the category of animals you want to produce for.

Common nutritional needs are protein, vitamins, fiber and carbohydrate. This is the most important aspect of your feed production business and you must take all necessary steps to ensure that you get it right. One of such steps includes employing an animal nutritionist to come up with a good formula for you.

Purchase of ingredients:

When you have come up with the right feed formula you can start purchasing ingredients based on what you would need. Some popular ingredients are maize, corn and cassava grits for energy, wheat offal as a source of protein, noodle wastes for carbohydrate and proteins,soybean meal, fish meals palm kernel cake, oyster shells, bone meals, minerals and common salt.

Purchase of Equipment:

Some of the equipment that you would need include grinders(wet and dry), Mixers (Wet/dry), Pelleters, Steam boiler, cooker, freezer, crumbler, elevators, conveyors, sifter, weighing scales, sealers and bag sewers and packaging bag. This is just to give you an idea of some of the commonly used machines in livestock feed production but the specific equipment that you would need would depend on the type of feeds you want to produce. You can buy already made equipment or have one custom made for you.


The next thing to think about is how to package your manufactured feed. The best guide is to look at your competitors and other popular feeds that livestock farmers buy more and then look at the packaging sizes that they use. Your customers would want sizes that are sufficient to feed their herds for a specific period of time and would also be affordable. It is best to have different sizes-; the really small sizes for people who want a test sample, medium sizes for people who cannot afford very big bags and lastly, the big bags for people who need to stock up on a lot of feed.

Marketing: This is the part that a lot of new investors find very challenging. Don’t worry, I will show you three easy ways to market your livestock feed especially as a beginner.

  • Use of Sales Representatives:

Trust me; there are a lot of people searching for opportunities like this to earn some money. What you need do is to introduce some attractive commissions that would encourage them to sell more. Don’t reward your sales representatives with fixed salary; this may affect your business because the sales reps may not be motivated to work hard and at the end of the day, you still have to pay them. But if you reward them on commission, they would be encouraged to work harder because they know that their earnings are based on how many products they are able to sell. Just ensure that the commissions are reasonable.

  • Supply to stores:

Another option to consider is selling to livestock feed stores. Look around for animal feed or pet supply stores and introduce your products to them with some free samples that they can sell to their clients and leave your contact details with them; as long as your product is very good, livestock farmers who were lucky enough to buy the samples would demand for it again and that would force the sellers to call you for a restock.

  • Personal Distribution Outlet:

If your pocket is deep enough, then it won’t hurt to have your own sales outlet for your livestock feed brand.

  • Sell Online:

There’s nothing that can’t be sold online these days. I have seen people sell vegetables online, so what stops you from promoting, advertising and selling your livestock feed online?

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