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Resources And Tools To Grow Your Business Fast


Taking the right part to a destination with the right type of transportation will make you get there faster. In business, you need to know the right tools and resources that will make your firm’s growing fast and easy.

You will see some of these resources and tools that will not only make doing business easy for you but more productive.

Business Development


You will find a lot of information on how to go about your business idea in this website, information about how to write a business plan, tips for entrepreneurs, trustworthy information about how to finance your business and so much more.


Score is a non-profit organization that provides education and mentorship opportunities to help small businesses get off the ground and achieve their growth goals. They provide free online learning opportunities as well as confidential mentoring services from volunteer entrepreneurs with years of business ownership experience.


Google analytics

This is good for accessing information about how your website is doing, from the kind of audience you are attracting to their interest and some other things. It is a free app and it is very good to actually draw out marketing strategies and your target audience.

Hubspot’s Marketing Grader

This tool will help you grade your website, blog, social media on how well it is generating leads and it will also show you how you are compared to the competition.



Canva helps you to design professional and visually stunning designs; that is if you know how to use it though. It is good for amateurs and people that are engaging in a no-budget marketing online.


You can make professional infographics with different beautiful templates and options that you can use to communicate information in a visually compelling way.

Money Management


This helps to track expense reports, simplifies the reporting process with a smart scanning of receipts, easy mobile tracking of expenses, and one-click reimbursement options.


Zenpayroll simplifies the payroll process of paying your employees’ time and it also allows employees to update their information on their online portal. It is more of a payroll software that you can use for your entire team.

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