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Requirements to Start Your Waste Disposal Business in Nigeria



Venturing into Waste Disposal business in Nigeria is one of the smartest move as an investor/entrepreneur because it has got a huge potential and easy to create wealth.

It is very important to note that the sector is not solely left in the hands of the government as several private companies are into Waste Disposal Business in Nigeria.

Any business owner can invest into Waste Disposal Business in Nigeria provided it fulfill the following requirements:

  • Get a permit from the LGA/SG
  • Get an old vehicle like a Pick up or a VW Danfo for a start
  • Hire a driver and a laborer who will pick the waste from the residents.
  • Go to a residential area where the elites reside and present your business to them.
  • When you go introduce yourself to the elites,dress corporately, not like an Agbero but like a banker
  • The elites appreciate the service and will pay you without stressing you.
  • Please avoid the low income class who live in ‘face-me-i-face-you’ apartments. They will give you more headache than you need.They will not pay!
  • Print fliers,business cards and receipt books and always issue receipts for every payment made to you.
  • Charge low for a start like N300-N500 per flat,N700 per duplex and increase after 6 months to one year.
  • The residents will pay a registration fee,maybe N200-N300 at the start.
  • Print waste bags for them and pick the waste once or twice in the month as agreed with themIt costs N50.00 to print a large waste bag in Lagos and you can get an old Danfo bus in Lagos for about N100k or less.
  • Get a shop as an office and state the address on the biz card.
  • Pay the driver N1500 per working day and the laborer N1000.00.Dress them in overalls and hand gloves.
  • You will get more than enough clients within few days with aggressive marketing.
  • Ensure regular communication with your clients by email or sms to maintain their patronage.
  • Month end, you go collect your service fees.

It is a gold mine in Nigeria becos the local govt whose responsibility it is to dispose waste has no time. If you have 500 clients paying you N500 monthly and your overheads take about 25% to 40%, is this not better than retailing recharge cards or roaming the street looking for some non existent office job as many unemployed Nigerians do? There is dignity in labor as long as it is legitimate.Be proud of what you do as long as it is legitimate


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