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How To Read More Books In Shorter Period


Successful entrepreneurs over time have attributed part of what made them successful as reading. Reading is a very integral part of success and as an aspiring business owner or a business owner, entrepreneur and professional person, you need to know how to read more books in a shorter period.

Tip #1

Stop Reading Books You Don’t Like

You always find it difficult to read books you do not have an interest in than otherwise. Therefore find more books that you are interested in than other types of books that you might not really like.

You might have to read some books you do not like for your business or for more knowledge, make sure these types of books are not as much as the books you love in your library.

Reading books you love will help you remain motivated as opposed to books that you do not really like.

Always Hold A Book

Create an environment where you can easily reach for a book anytime you want to. You can download ebooks, put books in your car or your bag, and office. Have them everywhere so that anytime you have free time you can just pick it up and start reading.

“if you read 50 pages an hour, 10 hours every week, you will read 26,000 pages a year”.

Think about the statistic above.

Have A To-Read Schedule

Create a to read a schedule, for yourself, this will help you to be more organized and dedicated to reading.

According to Darius Foroux, “ Having an inventory of books keeps up momentum, you will never have an excuse not to read”.

Write Notes/Questions To Test Yourself

Give yourself tasks and tests on books that you have covered.

In Conclusion,

Give yourself goals and gifts for getting to those goals. And do more.

Let us know some of your best books, drop a comment below.

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