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Proven Techniques To Balance Work And Single Motherhood


The pathway to success is not an easy road to take, not to talk of having to carry a child or children along with you alone. Single mothers are always having it tough with balancing work and business with their children.

This article is going to help you to have more control of the situation with the following techniques


Be Open With Your Priorities.

As a single mother and also a career woman, or an entrepreneur, you need to be disciplined with your time, and not just disciplined, you have to make everyone around you know how important everything is.

Setting ground rules and dedicated time slots are very important.  You have to be transparent with your team and your children with your schedule and plans. This will help you and everyone around you to work together seamlessly.

You can also be flexible the way you communicate with your team and your children, you can use more of virtual connections than physical except for emergencies.


Accept Helping Hands

As a single mother, you need all the help you can get, therefore make use of opportunities and helping hands around you. You are strong no doubt, but do not make the mistake of trying to do everything alone, that is when you discover that you might not do anything right. Make sure you take the good hands that are extended to help you.


Team Up With Your Kids

Make your kids a party of whatever you are doing, take them to your office, take them to your events, let them help and cheer you in their own little way.


Celebrate Every Success

No victory is too small, motivate and inspire yourself to do more by celebrating any success you achieve no matter how little it can be.


Your Family is important and also the channel for the funds to take of them is also necessary, therefore, make sure you balance it and make both works for you. Let me hear from you drop a reaction below.

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