A lot of things around us these days are robbing us of our attention on the right things, we easily get distracted but most of the serious and productive things we do are now also coming with other not so productive distractions. For example, the smartphone has a lot of productive features, but if you are not careful it can also be a big distraction

This article will help you to overcome all these distractions

The following are the levels and types of attention that we have and how we can get the best.

  1. Scattered Attention: this happens when you are preoccupied with a lot of activities and things that you need to do or attend to, this mainly happens to people that multi task this technique of handing scattered attention will help you. The key is shifting to time leadership – focusing on what is within your control and being proactive in making positive changes. Leaders act as role models so this has personal benefits and sends clear messages to others.
  • Do now?
  • Delegate to someone?
  • Do it quicker?
  • Defer it?
  • Delete it?
  • Don’t go?
  • Disconnect?
  1. Captured Attention: you can also pay too much attention something if you are not careful, which will make the whole world around you go into oblivion. If you notice that you get to do this most times, then get someone you can people you can trust to hold a mirror up to your behavior when you focus your attention on the wrong things.
  2. Centered Attention: this happens when your attention is focused on only one single task, you most times get productive and efficient. You can however not use this always, you also need it when what you are doing is priority number one, critical and significant. To make this happen, you can use the promodo technique, which is basically used to enhance focus

The Promodo Technique

This technique was named after a kitchen timer and it started around the late nineties. All you have to do is to have set a routine of focusing on what ever you are planning to do for 20 minutes, then you rest for 5 minutes. If any things that you want to do comes to your mind, write it on a paper beside you and do not make it distract you.

  1. Open Attention: when your attention is wide and receptive to what is happening in the moment, pausing to rest and watch the world go by, a state full of potential. Practise daily being mindful so that it becomes a habit and notice the difference in your job and career.

Examine yourself and get which one of these relates to you and work on it



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