With the recent advent of rights to equal pay, equal access in education and the workspace, and more spotlight on female harassment and even more arguments on women’s right it is so vivid that so many things are going to change in the next few years, you need to be aware of this changes before it becomes so visible to everyone so that you can start using it for your own good.

The following are the changes that will be in effect five years from now;

Increased Participation

The world is moving away from making the male gender lead anything, more people are now receptive to making women lead a group or champion a course.

Increased participation of women will contribute significantly to developing more female-oriented products. For example, Natural Cycles, created by a woman, is an effective contraceptive app giving women a natural choice over family planning, without the pill’s hormonal side effects. More of this will help women to have more says in disruptive innovations that will change the whole world settings in the next five years.

A Better And More Human Workplace

In some domains and countries, the evolving role of women in the workplace is engendering a more confident and empowering attitude. A variety of studies, for example, suggest that women’s confidence when asking for a promotion or a raise is increasing year on year.

In a future where much work will be automated our customer offerings could become increasingly commoditized. A more human focus on the relationship between businesses and customers could become a critical differentiator. The focus might shift to building propositions on competencies and values typically thought of as feminine e.g. collaboration, relationship development, and empathy. Therefore, women are to build themselves more because it is going to be a plain ground to compete

More Women Professionals

Women professionals face the challenge of establishing new relationships with the men in their lives. Men, as colleagues or as relationship partners are used to the stereotypical idea of providing higher economic support and assuming leadership roles. The challenge is to create new ways of relating based on an authentic partnership.

The cultural and deep-rooted context for discrimination is likely to take some time to clear and is only likely to change through a combination of active campaigning, legislative change, behavioral modification, and generational trends. Which is already going on and over the next few years will gain root in all the countries of the world.

The Man-Woman Divide

The World Economic Forum estimated in 2017 that, at current rates, it will take 217 years to close the gap between pay and employment opportunities. They also estimate that the broader gender gap, taking account of factors such as healthcare, education, and participation in politics, has risen from 83 to 100 years over that same period.

However, as with many norms that become unacceptable a gradual erosion of alpha male domination looks set to take place. Society through the empowerment of women, supported by the increasing enlightenment among men, could help to accelerate the agenda for equality, aided by the power of technologies such as social media as platforms for campaigning and “outing unacceptable practices”. At another level, the dominance of strong male leaders of major economies such as Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, and Vladimir Putin, suggests that traditional male hierarchies may be hard to dislodge.


In the next five years we hope all these changes will be in effect, therefore as a woman, start preparing, it is never too early to prepare for the inevitable. Check other articles on this website, and do not forget to share.

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