Necessary Requirements to Starting a Creche School Business in Nigeria

Providing daycare for children is a big and serious responsibility. A crèche and daycare service provides entrepreneurs with an opportunity to pursue a socially conscious, challenging and fulfilling business.

In this section, we shall take a close look at all the things you’ll need to transform this idea into a real-life, profitable business.

Step 1: Find out what the law requires

Some African countries may have laws which regulate crèches and day care services. These laws may require day care operators to be licensed or certified by a relevant government authority or professional association.

Most of these laws and regulations have become necessary to discourage and punish any form of child abuse. As a result, the strict guidelines may often increase the cost of running a day care service business.

Some of these regulations specify the minimum space and staffing requirements, the maximum number of children that can be admitted (depending on space), types of toys, mandatory documentation and many other things.

These strict regulations are responsible for the low-profit margins experienced by daycare businesses in many countries. It’s very important that you check with your local authorities to understand what the law requires from daycare operators in your area.

Getting shut down by the authorities after you have opened for business may cost you a lot of money and your reputation.


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October 8, 2017

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