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Making Fortune from Special Bread Production


The envisaged plant is for the production of special niche bread. The plant will have a capacity for a 3 bags (50KG Flour) production working for 8 hours daily.

Bread is fast and convenient food based on wheat. There are many varieties of bread in the Nigerian Market from the general artisanal bread and to the packed bread.

Our project is the production of special niche bread which is popularly gaining recognition and sales in the market. Some of these are Sandwich Bread, Bagels, Chocolate spread, Walnut Bread, English Muffins, Honey Sandwich Bread, hard crust Bread. Potato Rosemary Bread, Soft Cheese and Pepperoni Bread, Sweet Dinner rolls, sardine bread etc.

Most special bread are available, distributed and sold in supermarkets and eateries, like the famous sardine bread baked in a shop along Airport road in Benin City, Nigeria but widely distributed.


The bread bakery landscape in Nigeria continues to be dominated by unpackaged/artisanal    producers with a slight edge over the packaged/industrial baked bread. Artisanal producers continued to lead baked goods in 2013, accounting for 53% of total current value sales. Special bread consumption in Nigeria is about 5% and the figure is expected to rise to about 105 in 2014.  Noteworthy is the fact that in Lagos alone over 3 million loaves of unpacked bread are sold daily.

The growing desire for convenience among consumers leading increasingly busy lifestyles and desiring a more nutritious and healthy consumption of baked goods is creating a new form of products in the specialized baked goods market This has created a gap in the specialized bread market that this project is expected to fill. Profit margin for the special bread higher that the commonly distributed bread


The plant is designed for the micro and small-scale sector in Nigeria. The plant will commence with a 50Kg flour production a day and increase the capacity as marketing mileage is achieved.

Marketing and distribution

This is Clear business to run and market in which you bake bread at home or somewhere in your community and deliver it locally to supermarkets, stores, neighbors, Eateries, schools, markets, etc.  The plant will employ a creative distribution strategy to achieve up to 98% sales on production.

Machinery & Equipment

1 Dough Mixer

1 Baking Oven and pans (kerosene or gas fired depending on cost to be achieved)

1 Hand Divider

1 Working Table

Special pre-printed wrapping nylons

Manufacturing Process:

The Manufacturing process is as producing regular baked bread, the difference is the types of bread and the ingredients been used. Dough is prepared by mixing all the special niche ingredients together in a mixer. The bowl is removed and mixing is done at intervals of 40 minutes. The mixed dough is fermented for two hours, knocked back and rested for 30 minutes. The dough is divided as per the size of the loaf needed. The divided dough pieces are panned and kept for final processing. When the dough attains a particular rising, they are baked for 40 minutes at specified heat temperature. Baked dough is cooled sufficiently, and then Packaged.

The plant will not consume electricity. Electricity usage is restricted to lighting and heat control.

The main raw material required for niche bread is wheat flour which is available in the country (though largely imported) and other materials are dependent on the type of bread you are concentrating upon.

Training and Manpower development

Training for specialized bread are widely available, you can also get complete bread recipes sold in the market. A total of 5 workers is needed depending however on the scale of manufacturing. and if you are not experience baker, then an experience  baker should be employed. Membership of the Nigerian bakers association ensures your access to easier regulatory registration and product certification if desired.


Startup cost excluding land and building but including working capital is between 1.5 and 3million Naira depending on the scale of manufacturing. The cost includes 3 month working capital. Payback is within a year with good management practice. Specialized niche bread is highly priced and more profitable. A 65% gross on sales is achievable in the business.



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