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Making the Best Use of Whatsapp Business for Your Services


WhatsApp Business was introduced in early 2018 as an Android app dedicated to small and medium business owners. There have been rumours about an iOS version launching for months now, but we checked the App Store today and still nada, so keep hanging in there Apple users!

WhatsApp Business makes it easy for businesses to connect with their customers and build up loyalty, something so important these days. It’s a lot like the WhatsApp you already know and love, just with a few extra features to make it compatible with doing business.

Instead of a personal profile, you have a verifiable Business profile, complete with the company address, email, and website link.
You can also view stats that measure message open/read rates and use tools that make it simpler to respond to customers.

There are lots of different ways to use WhatsApp Business, here are a few of our top suggestions. It’s new and evolving, so please share with us any that you might have tried.

1. WhatsApp Stories
Use the WhatsApp Status feature to post updates that vanish after 24 hours, mimicking Snapchat and Instagram Stories. There are already 450 million people using WhatsApp Status which is more than are active on Snapchat.

2. WhatsApp Business – An Extension Of Your Customer Support
whatsapp business away message

Establish a few hours a week when you will be available on the app and put those those hours out on your other social platforms and website. Encourage customers to reach you using WhatsApp and you can give real-time support.

The downside of this is that the support can only be managed by a single person, because you can only have one phone number associated with the WhatsApp Business account. A good way to overcome this is to make yourself available only for certain hours and set an ‘Away’ message for the other times.

When starting out on WhatsApp Business, it’s best used to communicate with your loyal customers rather than trying to put together a huge list of customer contacts. Because you don’t want to come off as spammy, try to focus your messaging on your already-established and interested customers. They’ll be more open to receiving messages and engaging in informal chats than new or cold customers. Plus, you’re likely to know some of the preferences of your loyal customers, making it easy to reach out to them.

Maybe you’re restocking a product line and know of some customers that have bought or shown interest in the line before. Send them a casual message on WhatsApp. Because it’s a personal message, as opposed to a mass email, it won’t come off as intrusive.

To start building up your WhatsApp contacts you really need to spread the word to your audience. Link to your WhatsApp Business profile on all of your social platforms, put it in your emails, feature it on your website – whatever you need to do to get the word out. Because customers need to contact you first, you need to lead them to you.

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