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How to Make Cool Cash From Mobile Toilet Rental Business


A portable toilet is used in a comparable way as a typical house hold toilet is being used. The distinction is, the waste is not carried to a septic tank but instead is carried to a tank that is attached to the toilet.

The tank is concealed within the base of the toilet. In the interior of the tank are chemicals that ventilate the waste, deodorizes it and powderize solid waste and toilet paper.

Portable toilet are usually seen in Construction areas, Market sites, Road shows, Outdoor concert events, Sports shows and other outdoor events or usage. The cost of acquiring a mobile toilet ranges but can be as low as N15k. You would need at least N50k to get started with three units of the mobile toilet You may earn unlimitedly depending on the length of use, especially if it will be staying there for months. To start this business can be very beneficial, but you will need to plan in order to be profitable.

SUPPLIER: you have to research on which manufacturers can give you cheaper cost on portable toilets and will have good business relation with you.

STORAGE: You will need a wide area, a warehouse will be suitable and it can also serve as your administrative office at the same time.

LICENSE: Obtain a licensed to operate and permit for proper handling and disposal of the waste that was collected. Organize your sewage discarding.

RESEARCH: do research on who will be your potential customers, will it be construction areas, public locations, open or outdoor events, busy places, natural calamity struck sites and camp grounds.

TRANSPORTATION: Acquire or rent vehicles and suitable trailers to transport the toilets to your customers. You will need helpers to deliver your portable toilet.

MARKETING: Promote your portable toilet business by listing your business in online classified ads and print directories

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