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Low on Funds? Here are 5 Side Hustles that can get you Moving Today


Low on Funds? Here are 5 Side Hustles that can get you Moving Today

Sometimes, your take-home salary at the end of the month is just not enough to live on after settling all the bills. You might even need extra cash to go after some business opportunity someday.

How do you combine a full-time job with a side hustle without affecting your productivity? There are a few side hustle options which you can choose from, but you have to consider the nature of your current job and the side hustle, compare and contrast.

Below are 5 side hustles that could help you today:

Thesis Writing

If you a very good writer/researcher, you could peddle your services to postgraduate students willing to pay someone to write their research projects. Thesis writing is very much in demand across Nigerian Universities and you could charge anywhere between 120k & 300k for each thesis

Uber Driving

If you’re the type that has no work left after leaving the office and you drive well, you can take up a job as an Uber/Taxify driver for spare cash. Drivers under these platforms make as much as 80k weekly, money which would do well as spare cash for your pockets.

Real Estate

The real estate business is an ever-growing venture mainly because people are always looking to buy houses or lands. You can take advantage of that by becoming an agent for real estate companies and take as much as 5% off the property’s value whenever you make a sale.

Private Tutoring

Parents are always looking for extra tutors to keep their kids busy and learning after school hours. You can work your tutoring lessons after work or weekends, whichever is convenient for both yourself and the student.

Remember, no job is ever easy, so you should understand that taking a side hustle means more work for you and you have to be ready. It’s very necessary for everyone to have a side hustle because tomorrow is never assured.

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