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Learn Poultry Farming Business and be Financially Independent


In Nigeria, Poultry farming outputs are more expensive than most of other forms of meat because of the great health benefits of white meat. Many Doctors have recommended their patients to take more of white meat than red meat and this made starting a poultry farming a lucrative and formidable business to do in Nigeria with a population of more than 170 million.

I knew of a friend who just graduated from a government University and ventured into poultry farming in small scale production as he started with less money. He raised the chicken in their compound.  He has his good chicken feeds techniques and when the chicken grown old, he will kill and froze it. He prefers to sell it as frozen and makes more money every time. Soon after he started, he begins to make more profit and expand his business to the surprise of every one, he bought private car for himself, bought two plots of land, build a bigger poultry house with some few equipments, employ few staff and also a small vehicle for conveying his poultry products.  Now he is doing it in a bigger way and still has room for improvement. His story, resilience, determination and hard work made him a spotlight.


There are many poultry farm product one can start in Nigeria like snail chicken, turkey, duck etc but in this article, I will focus on Chicken poultry farming. Starting a chicken farming does not make you a farmer but more of a business person. In the chicken industry there are three main sectors:


This set of chickens are mainly raised to produce eggs and they starts laying eggs at the age of 11 weeks and within some time they will start laying eggs regularly and frequently. Layers lay more eggs in warmer season than in the cooler season so bringing on lights in your poultry facilities will make the temperature warm and suitable for them to lay eggs.

Chicken Layers


The set of Chickens are raised for meat production and they are suitable for consumption within the range of 6 weeks to 8 weeks of age. Though broilers have many breeds, I will recommend that if you want to buy your day old broiler always make sure that it is weighed above 36 grams. You have to provide them with much food as it will be converted to meat in their body system.

Chicken Broilers


It is very strong chicken and varies with its colors. It is mainly raised for hatching of eggs to smaller chicken. They are resilient and withstand many forms of bad weathers.

Chicken cockerel



This type of method is very common in Nigeria and other countries. It is made of metal cages and arranged in rows. It allows the excretion to drop down easily and very easy in collecting the eggs of the chicken. Food is provided in front of the chickens while water is set above the food.

Battery cage


This one is also commonly used and widely accepted and involves raising up the chicken in floor which is covered with some material while some prefers to use Saw dust. It enables the chicken to exercise themselves and move around while they eat drink and lay eggs.


This method is often used by some people who prefer to start their poultry farming in a very small scale type just like my friend started with. It involves constructing cage for the chickens which will house few chickens but with stages more chicks will fill up the area.

chicken cage


  • Please make sure that there good ventilation in your poultry farm.
  • Make the place Clean to avoid any form of chicken disease of predator coming to eat chicken.
  • Concentrate in the temperature so that it will remain warm rather than too much cold or too much hot for the birds.
  • Make sure that there is enough space for the chickens tp walk around and don’t overcrowd your farm.


  • Great post,  very educative, keep it up. ‎ To make a lot of profit in your Poultry farming business, you need to cut the cost of feeding your birds and birds grown at high densities requires a nutritionally complete feed to produce good growth and maintain good health. I’m a local manufacturer and distributor of high quality Poultry Feed in Nigeria. I sell at an affordable rate of N2,000 per 25kg bag, I have starter, Grower, Finisher and Layer Mash available. I distribute to all parts of the country to Sub-distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers and End-users.

    Feel free to call us on 08103953855. Our address is: No. 3, Okele Street, Ogbogbo, Ijebu North East, Ogun State, Nigeria. We offer free nationwide delivery.

    Updated Price List For Our Birds

    A day old broiler = N150
    A day old pullet = N220
    A day old hybrid turkey = N450
    A day old foreign turkey = N1000
    6 weeks old turkey = N1000
    8 weeks old turkey = N1200
    A day old white cockrel = N25
    A day old black cockrel = N500
    point of lay turkeys = N2000 (7 months)
    point of lay pullets = N800 (16 weeks)

    I own a big Poultry farm myself so my feed is properly prepared with good and well balance chicken feed formulation. We supply Nationwide to your farm or doorstep at an affordable price of NGN 2,000 per 25kg bag.‎

    The ingredients required to manufacture high quality feed are readily available here in Nigeria hence my feed has a high quality energy source required for growth and maintenance of body tissue resulting in improved weight gains because it is fortified with balanced vitamins, minerals and amino acids plus Stabilized Vitamin C required for better metabolism, skeletal formation, nerves, body fluid regulation and enzymes to yield maximum productivity.

    CONTACT US ON ; 08103953855. Our address is: No. 3, Okele Street, Ogbogbo, Ijebu North East, Ogun State, Nigeria. We offer free nationwide delivery.

    BUY ANY BRAND OF RICE FOR LOWER RATE #6,500, the brand of Rice Available( Royal umbrella=6,500, Mama Gold =6,500, Royal stallion= 6,500, Rising sun= 6,500, Special rice= 6,500, Mama Africa=6,500, Royal crown= 6,500, Ade Brazil 6,500, Super eagle=6,500, PJS=6,500 Caprice=6,500, Tomato rice 6,500
    TOP STARTER: #2,000
    TOP GROWER: #1,800,
    TOP FINISHER: #1,900,
    TOP LAYERS: #1,900,
    HYBRID STATER: #2,000
    HYBRID LAYER: #2,000
    HYBRID GROWER: #1,900.
    HYBRID LAYERS: #1,950
    RELAYER: #1,300
    EGGS small size,#15 per one jumbo size #20 per one
    TOMATOES: #1,000
    VITAL STARTER: #2,000
    VITAL GROWER: #1,800.
    multi feed: 6mm – #2,400
    coppens 4mm & above- #2,100
    durantee 2mm = #2,400
    durantee 4mm & above = #2,200
    ziegler = #2,200
    aqua manna – #2,000.
    Fresh Big Eggs——————–N20
    Day Old Layers——————-N150
    Day Old Broilers——————N110
    Turkey Day Old(Foreign)——–N800
    6 weeks old turkey = N1000.
    8 weeks old turkey = N1200.
    Turkey Day Old (Local)———-N250
    point of lay turkeys = N2000 (7 months)
    White Cockerel.——————-N30
    Black Cockerel.——————-N50
    Pullet. —————————–N150
    point of lay pullets = N800 (16 weeks)
    Parent Stock ( broiler)———–N480
    Parent Stock (pullet) ————N500
    8 Weeks Cockerel —————-N120
    4 Weeks Broiler. —————–N220
    10 Weeks Broiler —————-N700
    Parent Stock of Broiler———-N350
    Parent Stock of Pullet————N500
    CONTACT: PHONE: 09074482932
    Address:8, Ozokwelu Street, Okpuno Nnewi, Anambra Nigeria in colabretion with ABUBAKA FARM LTD 4, Nassarawa Road, Industrial Area, P. M. B 2203 Kaduna, Kaduna South, Kaduna, Nigeria,Days of Delivery—-Monday-Friday
    NPK: #2,500
    UREA: #2,000.
    Local feed with 25kg fish meal/ 100kg = #26,000
    For esquire contact us on 09074482932. Thanks we love you all.

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