Home Marketing Improve your Email Marketing with these 6 Simple Steps

Improve your Email Marketing with these 6 Simple Steps


Improve your Email Marketing with these 6 Simple Steps

Email marketing has proved effective many times over the past for increase of sales and customer base. How do you optimize it, however, to get the best results?

We have put this into 6 easy steps for you to follow if you want a more effective and engaging email campaign.

Know your campaign

You need to decide if your campaign is a promotion/advert or just a content series. As a rule of thumb, make sure you’re not just sending out promotion after promotion, throw in some valuable content at least once or twice per week and increase the value of your promotional content.

Subject Lines

The subject of your emails needs to be catchy enough to attract the recipient to open it, or you would have done all this for nothing. Also, do not run the risk of spelling out the entire mail in the subject. Make sure your subject line gets them curious enough to open the mail.

Build Relationships

Do not always be official in your emails or you might lose some of the attention of your subscribers. Be engaging and also throw in some witty catchphrases from time to time. Remember, the friendlier you sound, the faster you will build a relationship with your subscriber.


Make sure your include call-to-actions and make them clear as day. You must always assume that your subscriber has no idea of what you’re saying and you have to point it out. Stuff like “Click here to watch this video” instead of just dropping a video link and expecting the reader to figure it out.


You need to be able to segment your subscribers, so you know which ones are getting which mails. For example, you want to send out a mail about “Premier League Updates”, it would do you good to send it those who are sports-inclined.

When you send the right promotions to the right set of people, your business benefits.

Track Your Results

As an email marketer, you need to constantly monitor your click-through rates, open rates and always keep your list clean. For example, if someone doesn’t open your mail in 60 days, delete them because they would probably not be open to getting any mail from you. You can, however, try a win-back campaign before deleting just to see if they would finally open.

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