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How To Stay Motivated In The Face Of Failure

A lot of Life’s greatest failures are people who quit on the brink of Sucess.” At billionaires club, we do not want this to be your lot, therefore I have put together a list of 5 things you need to do to help you stay motivated in the face of failure. 1.Understand that failure is a normal part of life and there is no successful person on earth that hasn’t failed. A lot of people when working hard and pushing for success tend to compare themselves to people who have been in the field way longer than them. Yes, the people around you seem to be more successful but that’s just what they choose to project. No one, save for interviews, talks about their struggles. We all put our best foot forward because we live in a world of appearances. Never ever let false appearances make you belittle your greatness. These people have faced hidden battles and are still facing them. Steve Jobs, the well-recognized founder of Apple, was fired from his own company. Thomas Edison made over 999 unsuccessful attempts at creating the light bulb. You have to fail to succeed, its just the way life works. 2.See failure as a learning opportunity. Too many people fall deep into depression when they reach a stumbling block. rather than try to theorize and understand the reasons for their failure, they basically dwell on what-ifs and whatnots.To ensure that you don’t fail at the same thing again, you’ll need to analyze what happened. In the process, you would notice that you’ll feel better and you’ll be able to pull through, knowing fully well that it would not happen again. Rather than bottling up emotions write out what happened and write out solutions to your situation, You’ll feel better and you’ll make even more progress because you are now wiser. 3.Speak to like-minds and co-dream chasers who are positive in their thinking: When feeling down due to failure it’s important to surround yourself with people who will inspire you with a positive mindset. People that understand failure is normal and have had similar experiences which they share to inspire you. Do not spend time with equally depressed people, in the long run, they would affect your morale and make you feel even worse than you did before. Negative people are skilled in looking at things with a negative mindset, a mindset that is, unfortunately, antagonistic to success. 4.Speak with a mentor: True mentors enjoy inspiring and advising their mentees to believe in themselves and to do better. So it’s important that you speak to your mentor about your pain. Ensure to highlight your efforts and how failing made you feel. In the long run, you will notice that those few ninutes or few hours of educative and inspirational messages actually liven up your mood abnd give you the push needed to move on to the next thing. 5.Think on or read through your past achievements: A lot of people when faced with failure tend to be too hard on themselves. They forget all the efforts and past achievemnets and dwell on the mistakes. I need you to know that you are amazing and your mistakes don’t define you except you let them. You are not the only one that had made mistakes. You are human and highly prone to making mistakes. You need to forgive yourself and move on. I hope this has been helpful. Do share for the benefits of others and comment your thoughts on the above topic.]]>

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