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How to Start Youghurt Production Business


The notable brands of yoghurts sold in Nigeria are basically of two types depending on the choice of food ingredients for yoghurt manufacturing available in Nigeria. There are plain yoghurts and there are fruit yoghurts. Either of these two categories could be classified as yoghurt characterized by a firm jelly-like texture because it has been incubated and cooled before being final packaged or the stirred yoghurt which is the yoghurt incubated in a tank so that the final coagulum is “broken” by stirring prior to cooling and packaging. There is also the drinking yoghurt which is similar to the stirred yoghurt but the major difference being that the agitation used to “break” the coagulum is severe. There is also the frozen yoghurt. This usually consists of thin yoghurt blended with a base mixture of high solid ice cream.

Concentrated yoghurt is inoculated and fermented in the same manner as stirred yoghurt. Following the “breaking” of the coagulum the yoghurt is concentrated by boiling off some of the water under a vacuum to reduce the temperature required. Flavoured yoghurt is made by adding the flavours at or just prior to filling into pots. Common additives are fruits or berries. Common flavours used are banana, apple, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, fruit juice and other condiments.

There are several brands of yoghurts manufactured in Nigeria of which the notable ones include: Hollandia Yoghurt, Frenzy Yoghurt, Fresh Yo Yoghurt, and Fan Yogurt.

The Raw Materials for Yoghurt Manufacturing in Nigeria

The commonly used food ingredients for yoghurt manufacturing in Nigeria include skim milk powder (SMP), sugar, stabilizer, starter of pure culture and flavour. About five types of milk can be used but the most preferred is the SMP. Some of the raw materials are imported but are locally available in the markets when desired.  It is worth noting that the choice of raw materials will greatly affect the quality of the finished product.

The major ingredients in terms of cost for yoghurt manufacturing are milk and sugar which are readily and cheaply available in Nigeria.

There are some specific places you can market this product, places like churches, schools, eateries, supermarkets, cinemas and offices. If you setup your yoghurt shop within these places, you are guaranteed of good sales.

Apart from being a lucrative business, yoghurt is a delicious drink that has lots of health benefits.

It helps you reduce weight, good for the skin, it is loaded with vitamins and can also help you reduce stress after a days job.

What Milk can you Use to Make Yogurt?

The best milk you can use would be organic, whole milk, preferably unhomogenized, but then that is just my preference from a health perspective. If you cannot get organic milk, any other whole milk is fine. I never make yogurt from other milk, but if you are weight watching you can use milk that is not full cream milk, but you cannot use longlife milk to make yogurt.

If you do use low fat or non-fat milk for making yogurt you will end up with a thinner consistency that won’t thicken.

How to Make Yogurt

It is the yogurt starter that will set the milk. It is a living organism and should be given the same respect as you would yeast when making bread.

Once the starter culture has been added to the milk, the temperature of the milk should neither be too hot or too cold.

If the milk is too hot the culture will be killed off. If the starter culture was added to milk that was too cold then the culture’s actions will be retarded.

However, as long as your milk is around blood heat then the yogurt culture starter will do its thing.

And where do you get a yogurt starter culture from? From either store-bought live yogurt or from a bottle of your own homemade yogurt.

If you are using your own starter cultures you will find, over time, that they stop working as well, and you will need to go back to the store and buy some more of the commercial yogurt.


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