How to Start Whatsapp Marketing and Its Advantages

Whatsapp is an Instant Messaging application that had come to stay, replacing the conventional SMS in the mode of instant communication between families, friends, and colleagues. In today’s world, hardly would you come across a smartphone without Whatsapp being installed on it.

In recent years, Whatsapp was acquired by the giant company Facebook and since then, there has been some kind of development in the synchronization of both apps. Having understood how Facebook marketing works, it is imperative to understand that Whatsapp marketing could also be useful to some small and medium scale businesses. One of the beauties of Whatsapp marketing is continuous access to targeted audiences at zero cost.

Firstly, you need to understand that there is the Business Whatsapp which is the core of our conversation in this article. Now, we should understand that there are differences between Regular Whatsapp and Business Whatsapp and both could be downloaded on one smartphone depending on your needs.

Features of a Business Whatsapp 

  • Business Profile: which allows you to update your business details including Name, Address, Hours of Opening, and Website for more information
  • Catalog: which allows you to upload your product/services
  • Auto Response Messages: this allows you to configure an auto-reply when you are not online or away on the app
  • Dedicated Link to Reply, and also
  • Linkage with Facebook and Instagram

From the above features, you would have understood the Business Whatsapp is specifically set up to boost your business and create an online business identity for those who are yet to create one. Instant Messaging apps such as Whatsapp could be useful in creating a cordial relationship between businesses and their clients as it assures quick access to make enquiries and/or resolve product issue.

Starting a Whatsapp Marketing for Your Business

Just as we have explained earlier, Whatsapp is owned by Facebook and hence make the integration on Facebook marketing dashboard easy. Follow the steps below to market to your Whatsapp Business account from Facebook

  • Create a Facebook Business Page
  • Download Whatsapp Business and connect your business phone number
  • On your Facebook Page, goto Setting
  • Scroll Down and Click on Whatsapp
  • Click on Continue.
  • Enter your WhatsApp Business number, then tap Send Code.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to finish connecting your WhatsApp account.

After the steps above, you would have successfully linked your Whatsapp to your Business Page. Now lets go through how to market to your Whatsapp Business from Facebook. Remember how to set up a Facebook campaign as explained in a prior article? You would go through similar steps but this time click on Whatsapp in your campaign objective. Your Whatsapp link is updated automatically because you already linked your Whatsapp to the page from which you are running the campaign.

The next step is to set up your creatives, demography and budget schedule and behold you are good to go. However, for your campaign to be successful, you will need to have set up your Whatsapp business with the necessary information and especially the Greeting Message which would welcome your audiences when they message you. This will be necessary as the campaign may generate a lot of traffic to your Whatsapp and having to reply one by one might be cumbersome.

However, you could continue conversation at any time because they are on your Whatsapp. That is one of the advantages of running a Whatsapp campaign.

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