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How to Start Making Money as a Real Estate Agent


Real Estate and Property sales business is one of the fastest growing business in cities. For instance, in Lagos, House Developers have taken over most family houses, developed to a higher storeys and raking in cool cash. However, there are other business opportunities in the industry apart from being the developer or owner of the property. You can easily establish yourself as an agent, getting occupiers for the houses.

The business is a cool one and requires good strategy if you need to get more people. You need to first establish yourself, become well known as a house agent so people can see you as certified. Once you are well established in the business, house owners will seek your services as they become available.

Other Requirements

  • Attend a Real Estate Course or Training

This is very important as it is a pre-requisite which will ensure you are grounded as a Real Estate agent. One of the duties of a real estate agent is to make certain that your buying clients find their dream homes, while the sellers get their property’s worth. Just like in any kind of occupation, carrying out this duty certainly requires skill and mastery; that’s why you need adequate training and education before you get started.

There are different institutions that provide trainings and courses for those who want to venture into the real estate industry. Usually, some states demand that an aspiring real estate agent, broker or salesperson should spend at least 30 to 90 hours classroom acquiring the necessary education.

  • Obtain a license as a real estate agent

Before becoming a recognized real estate agent, you would require a license to operate. To obtain a real estate license, you will need to take your state’s real estate exam. Many colleges and universities offer night or evening courses that will help you prepare for this exam. Also, it’s important you know that the Professional Licensing Commission in your state provides a list of reputable educational institutions where you can take your courses. You can also ask the Real Estate Association within your neighborhood for recommended institutions. A high school diploma is a requirement and at least, you must be 18 years or older.

After writing and passing the licensure examination, you will be issued a license. But bear in mind that agents are mandated to renew their license every two years; depending on the state where you are operating. Another vital point to note is that operating in the real estate industry requires continuous learning; so you would also need to attend seminars even if you are already licensed. The real estate industry is continually evolving or changing and as a real estate agent, you need to be of changes in laws and regulations in the various states you operate; so as to keep your clients informed.

  • Hone your skills and gain experience under an established real estate firm

After you have taken your real estate courses and gotten educated, you are now good to go but you will still lack experience. So it’s advisable that you work for a real estate firm or a mentor for about 2 to 5 years to gain experience. It is more like apprenticeship. Now most states demand a set apprenticeship period (2 years or so) with an established broker. Your apprenticeship will teach you the intricate aspects of real estate brokering; these are real-life skills and knowledge that you can’t pick up in school.

So I will recommend that you choose an established real estate brokerage firm with abundant listings so that you can earn an income while learning the business. After going through all these process, you can now start thinking about setting up an individual practice. At this stage, you are now a fully fledged real estate agent or broker.



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