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How to Register Your Business Name in Nigeria


How to register your business name in Nigeria in the cheapest way possible without a lawyer. Yes without a lawyer! Excited much? Then let’s get into it! Steps to registering your business name in Nigeria by yourself:

Step 1: You need to carry out a “Name Availability Search” The name availability search helps you to confirm if the name you intend to use is still available for use in Nigeria. You would need to come up with 3 alternate names for the name search. You should note that some words are not allowed within your business name. Examples are words like “Limited” “Investment “Group” etc.

The Name Availability Search form cost N500 and it usually takes about 3-14 working days for you to get a confirmation. Once you have successfully completed the Name Availability Search and you get a confirmation that your choice name is available, you move to the second step.

Step 2: Business Name Application The business name application form is a document that requires you to list important information like; the address to your business location, the nature of your business, basic information about the proprietor (Owner) of the business. Etc. The form costs N250 for business name registration and N500 for Limited Liability Company.

Step 3: Filing After completing the Business Name Application form, the next step is to file your documents with the CAC at the cost of ten thousand Naira. You don’t need any form of stamp duty to file your documents with the CAC. Please note that you would need a valid form of identification. This could be your International Passport, Driver’s License, Voters Card etc. You can do this online which is easier and faster on the CAC portal: or you can walk into any CAC office close to you to do the above process. The whole process would usually take about 2-3 weeks to complete. Yes! It’s that simple.

Go register your business name with the CAC in Nigeria and watch more brands and organizations take you more seriously. Was this helpful? Please share for the benefit of others and leave your questions or contributions if any.

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