Data usage is fast becoming a part of our daily necessity as there has been a significant growth in the use of smart phone now in Nigeria. As the telecomms industry improves, a lot of business opportunities are emerging. Data re-selling is one of the latest business opportunity arising as a result of growth in the industry. For today, I will run you through the simple steps to start reselling data on MTN network.

MTN still remain the largest telecommunication company in Africa with a great number of data subscribers.  This Guide is applicable to all the Whole other Telecommunication Network in Nigeria. We all know that almost 65% of Nigerian now uses an Android device that must consume MB/GB data. Everybody wants to connect to the Internet, Chart, Facebook, Browse and Do one thing or the other.

So staring MTN Internet Data Reseller Business will actually benefit you, most especially as a student. So we briefly going to share with you what are involved in this business to those who really want to venture into it and get started immediately. The guide below in starting MTN Reseller Business in Nigeria is being written by Editorial Team at Naira Wealth Network Company.

To get started in the MTN Data Selling Business,

Firstly, migrate to MTN SME PLUS tariff plan by Texting 460 to 131 . Migrating to MTN SME PLUS give you the Power to do this Business

The lowest data you can purchase in this business is 10GB. The Subscription Plans To Purchase MTN Data Are Stated as shown below:

For 10 GB Data
SMS 465 to 131 or Dial *461# and follow the prompt – It cost N10,000

For 20 GB Data
SMS 466 to 131 or Dial *461# and follow the prompt – it cost N18,000

For 50 GB Data
SMS 467 to 131 or Dial *461# and follow the prompt – it cost N40,500

For 75 GB Data
SMS 468 to 131 or Dial *461# and follow the prompt- it cost N52,500

The thing about this business is that the higher the purchased data the cheaper the price but all Data are Valid within 30 days; which means you must finish it in 30days and failure to finish it will result to wipe out of the Data by MTN. Once you’ve made purchase of your data, you can then start to sell to your customers.

Another thing we highly recommend this MTN Data selling business is that:
• Data is transferred to beneficiaries using SMS or USSD within Few seconds
• Data can be shared with anyone withine Nigeria or even in other country who have MTN Line
• The sharer of the data (sponsor) will have control of allocating data to his subscribers
• Multiple data plans To Share Data with Customers
How to Share Data to you customers After Buying It

You can share data with any beneficiary /Customer/ subscriber by Dialing *461# and following the prompt
Send Sms to 131
Sms Format:- SMESHARE Please see format to enter for below
• 250MB- 300
• 500MB- 800
• 750MB – 750
• 1GB- 1000

The Above Format Represent the name OF THE Data Plan, the Amount of Data to be shared. Note you can change the amount your own preferred amount.

How To Change Your PIN

Before you can start this Business Properly, you need to change your PIN to make transferring of Data Possible.
Step to follow to changing your PIN successfully. If you are yet to change your MTN pin then your default pin will be 0000 but you can’t transfer with your default pin so change it with the sms format : to 777 (Example- 0000 1234 1234 To 777)
So go and start selling your MTN data plan now. Compare the price below

• 250MB = N1300
• 500MB = N2000
• 1GB = N3500

Your Own PRICE
• 250MB = N600
• 500MB = N900
• 1GB = N1300

If you buy 10gb and sell 250mb for 500naira. All you need to do is just sell it 40times and you will gain N10,000 Profit plus your N10,000 start-up capital, that will be N20,000.

How To Market Your Data Plan reseller Business Effectively
You can sell over 50gb daily sometimes, just tell internet users around you that you can sell MTN mb or gb to them for cheap price below that of MTN, post it to your facebook friends and if you use blackberry, broadcast it to your friends, add it to your dp and pm. Create a small flyers detailing your MTN

How effective your Marketing Plan will determine how fast you sell and recoup your profit.

Act Now


Credit: NairaWealth

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