Startimes and GoTV are one of the leading digital television companies with the most subscribers in Nigeria. You can tap into the opportunity by becoming a dealer of one or both companies. You can make some money distributing recharged cards for these companies with an entitlement to commission.


Dealers will receive an outstanding product of the highest quality backed by unparalleled service, matched by a markup that is unmatched by most products in this field, making StarTimes a more attractive proposition.

What does StarTimes Supply?

  1. DVB-T2 Decoder (Set-Top-Box)
  2. Mobile TV
  3. Portable TV
  4. CAR TV
  5. Accessory of Digital TV

Why Partner with StarTimes?

  1. Huge Business Opportunity
    1. 3,000,000 +Potential Subscribers in Nigeria  by 2015
    2. 4,000,000 TV Sets will require mandatory connection to Decoder
    3. Nigeria is in the course  of Migration to Digital TV Broadcasting
  2. Fantastic Selling Point
    1. Affordable Decoder and Subscription for the average Nigeria
    2. Great Channels: 70+  Channels covers News & Commerce, Movies, Sports, Entertainment, Documentaries, Life style, Religious, Kids, Music, Local channels
    3. No Dish Needed, Easy to Install
    4. Quality Picture
    5. Reliable Service and Life-long Maintenance
    6. After sale service support team i.e. Technicians
  3. Win-Win Dealer Policy
  4. Strong Marketing Support
  5. Competitive Profit and Discount
  6. New but Strong Brand

Who can Join Startimes’ Partner Family?

  1. Engaged in Digital TV Industry, Selling Decoder, Dish, Antenna etc or
  2. Selling  Electronics Product: TV Sets, Mobile Phone, Computers  etc

Even If you are not in the above fields but Interested in investing in TV digital migration, You Are till Welcome.

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