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Gov Ikpeazu – How We Will Push Made-In Aba Products Into The Global Market


One of the major challenges of Abia State since its creation in 1991 is the inadequate measures of the previous administrations to establish a strong economic base that would crystallisation into the development of all the sectors of the state.


The state, with an estimated population of two million people, is endowed with over- whelming economic potentials spanning across all sectors of human endeavour. Notable among these potentials are Abia’s rich agricultural products such as palm oil, rubber, cocoa, etc.


In the area of industrialisation, the state prides itself in textile and leather manufacturing products. Although much has not been done by the past and present administrations in the state to tap the agricultural potentials, credit must be given to the Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, administration, in its determination to harness the economic potentials.


Gov Ikpeazu - How We Will Push Made-In Aba Products Into The Global Market

One of such efforts is the administration’s entrance into Aba, the Enyimba city, with the purpose of enthroning the Aba made products into the global market. Indeed, testimonies abound that Aba shoes and clothes are fast gaining recognition in local and international markets, in the sense that traders in Aba are beginning to export their products.


Economic development programme of any government cannot be achieved without an effective civil service. Succinctly, the role of the civil service in the implementation of government policies and programmes can therefore be referred to as the driving tool of government policies.
To Ikpeazu, “if wishes were horses, beggars will ride”. That is to say that if all the monies were available in the coffers of the state, there would be no night as all the twenty four hours available daily would be deployed in the efforts to develop the state.


In realizing this, the governor believes in the words of Michael Jordan that “obstacles don’t have to stop you; if you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up, figure out how to climb it, go through it or work around it”.




SOURCE: Vangaurd

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